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  1. qsf v30 main system program

    thanks Eugene, we clean all the machine first, and the second stage its charge the system, thanks again
  2. qsf v30 main system program

    its regular chemical and thats my problem, i have sm floppy
  3. somebody have the main system program floppy? I purchace a old v30, turn on and surprice, insert system program. the machine have a floppy for sm, works with that machine?
  4. thanks all, my friend in desperate atack change the stand alone system, dls works fine, thanks again :B
  5. this ip in the work station? and the minilab ip change? I need check ip config, conecting lcd and keyboard in the mp1600, right? thanks all for your patience and help.
  6. in my workgroup only see the workstation the image recovery I use only restore automatic ip and I dont know the manual ip some person tell me or 2 or 12 and nothing change, I try to change the crossover cable to switch and two patch cable, the same trouble :-/, can you tell me the right ip?
  7. sorry for my insuficient information, I dont know fine the machine but here we go, the work station works with the stand alone mp-1600sm, the work station have windows 2000 some person change winxp in the pc and lost all the programs, inside the pc we find a cd image, we charge all and still offline, the version in work station its noritsu dp610 and the machine have h003c. when restart the machine and the system is being initialized but a few minutes after show a message: initialization failed how can I know if the image cd have the necesary for work, maybe some configuration fail? thanks for help me
  8. I have a Noritsu mp1600 and one empoloyee erase the system program, I don´t have any software, how can I recover all?