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  1. Hi Everyone i have Fuji Frontier 550 machine and its imagebox rams are not working anymore . i also dont have rams for this machine . if someone have its RAMs i would like to purchase . if someone have plz contact me asap . thanks ..
  2. hi ... i also need 4.0 version .. my email id is : hassan.ogc@hotmail.com
  3. hi ... i have full set of 120 mask and other size masks ..... with MFC10AY unit . if u want to buy contact me ..my email is : hassan.ogc@hotmail.com .
  4. The AOM driver of ur machine is malfunctioning ...... do arrange a new AOM driver before urs would be completely dead ..
  5. contact me : hassan.ogc@hotmail.com
  6. Change the rams in image processing box of SP3000
  7. change the slot of GPA23 ..
  8. uninstall red eye correction software
  9. i think that this is RAMs problem .....
  10. i can give u S1..... but i dont have S11,S13
  11. what if i arrange this board for u ?? if yes then i dont know the price ....tell me how much it would be ?
  12. barsheed is a trusted person.........Thaiminilab if u dont know then dont spoil ....... slawo i m with barsheed ...... because he helps me alot....... and he can help u too...
  13. thanks ........................ but can u tell me the price of dl600 ... ?
  14. anyone ?
  15. hi all i m going to buy New fuji frontier dl600..... i want to know if anyone one use this machine before .then give me a good advise