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  1. I do not have a manual. Would you be able to provide any kind of instruction on how to do this, or provide a link to the manual?
  2. Hello All. I have a SP500 film scanner. I have MS01 and MS11 installed. The scanner does work and scans images. I save my scans directly to the hard drive. The scans are only at 72 DPI and in a BMP format. Is it possible to scan images in at 300 DPI and save them as JPG's? Thanks!
  3. Is this a stand-alone unit, or is there a film scanner attatched to it?
  4. OK, thank you for the information!
  5. All I really care about is the system clean option. That option is not even underneath the Diagnostic menu. Its gone!
  6. I have installed KPK version 4.0, and I cannot find the service diagnostic menu. Where can I find it, and also, how would I do my system cleans?
  7. I just got my KPK software v4.0 this morning, and I am currently installing it on my 4 kiosks. Will the service password be the same as in v2.2?
  8. I have a G4, does changing the amount of days you can keep an order affect the kiosk in any way? I currently keep orders for 7 days. SETUP - CONFIGURE SYSTEM SETTINGS - ORDER MANAGEMENT SETUP. Is 7 days too long to keep orders, would changing it to 1 day make things run smoother on the system?
  9. Thank you blusther! It works perfectly! Yes I was using the clean system from the service diagnostic menu. This is different from previous versions. This is very good to know. All users of v2.2 should really know this. I would have never have thought to look at page 2 of the diagnostic menu. Thank you again!
  10. I have 4 kiosks running 2.2, and whenever I try to do a system clean on them, I get an error "UIProcess-6936F581-181" Does anyone know what this message means, and how to resolve this issue?
  11. do the lines show up in the same spot in all widths of paper? It looks like dust on the laser.
  12. On the Kodak website, there is new information that this fall, Kodak will be rolling out new print kits for the kiosks. Does anyone have anymore information about this? According to Kodaks site, it looks like the ribbon diameter is about half the size as current kits. You can check it out here: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/business/retailPhoto/support/downloads/printerFirmware.jhtml?pq-path=12078/2300720 It also looks like a new firmware update will become available to support these new kits. Any info would be appreciated!
  13. I would clean the laser with the brush. I would also clean the focal plane regulating guide, take it out, and clean it with a soft dry cloth.
  14. I have version 2.2 installed. I cannot wait for version 4.0, it looks pretty damn awesome!
  15. Good info... Currently all 4 of my kiosks have 1gb of RAM in them. I'll call Kodak and see what they say. Thanks.