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Johnson Camera

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  1. Johnson Camera

    Blue blocks on test strip

    After doing a recent uniformity, sections of the the print were coming out blue. I did a daily setup and parts of the grey strips are blue (not the entire strip). The pattern repeats every time. Tried doing uniformity again with no luck. Tried weekly setup with no change. Reloaded the MLVA data with no change. Running the Monitor Gamma tests appears to give good prints. Any suggestions? Noritsu QSS-2901 Thanks, Kevin
  2. We have a QSS-2901 SM. When we mount the 120 carrier, the software tells us to remove the mount from the carrier. If you Reserve (F) the error, you can see that the software thinks the carrier is the 135/240 slide carrier. We have cleaned all the contacts. Also disconnected the ribbon from the board in the carrier and checked for continuity or short-circuit. If the machine is started with the 120 carrier mounted, it will recognize it ok. However, if you get a film jam and have to remove the carrier, the software doesn't recognize it correctly when you remount the carrier. Since the three connectors that identify the 120 carrier are Low, High, Low, and the slide carrier is Low, High, High, I would assume that it isn't dirty connectors causing the lab to see a erroneous High signal. Any suggestions? Kevin
  3. Johnson Camera

    2901 weird prints

    Solved! It ended up that the power supply for the Data Output PCB had gone bad and that also damaged the Data Output PCB. Both were replaced and now it prints.
  4. Johnson Camera

    2901 weird prints

    But what does that mean? What expansion memory? The memory on the Image Processing Board?
  5. Johnson Camera

    2901 weird prints

    OK, I watched the filter wheel slow down and all looks correct. While up to speed, the window appears clear. When it finally slows down each color segment appears intact.
  6. Johnson Camera

    2901 weird prints

    I understand that a bad filter wheel could cause color stripes, but would it cause the same 1 cm of the image to be repeated along the length of the print?
  7. Johnson Camera

    2901 weird prints

    During the middle of a print job, the prints started looking like "sample1.jpg". Restarted the machine, and started getting prints like "sample2.jpg". All prints, even the daily setup, look like sample2. Turned the machine off and went home. The next it still printed the same. Now we got the following errors: 6901-0080 (once) 6820-0006 (several times) Have removed and reseated the Image Processing board and all the boards and cables attached. Reloaded backup software. No change. Sample1 looks like a 1 cm. strip of the same part of the image repeated with a color change cycling every time. Sample 2 still looks like a 1 cm repeating strip. The band is across the print, not in the direction of travel. Any ideas? Kevin
  8. Johnson Camera

    2901 issues with blown highlights

    If it only happens with one magazine, Noritsu had us unregister the magazine, then reregister it. It worked! Also, our paper was getting old and not printing good whites.