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  1. I had the same problem. It was a problem in the power source. Arrived the lower voltage to the motor
  2. For me it was a problem with the wires on the connector on the cover of the dryer...
  3. I know it's not okay, but my english is too bad .. The cable stopped working and pskaro gave me some advice that using Serial DB25 cable. Easy to purchase and costs a lot less
  4. Jupi! Dobra cijena E super, nadao sam se da netko ima jeftino rijesenje ali nisam ocekivao tako brzo, jeftino i na hrvatskom
  5. Prije mi je Milan napravio takav kabel ali sam s njim izgubio kontakt. Nisam ga dugo zvao a ima drugi broj telefona... Znaci moze "kompijuterski" kabl? http://www.schrack.hr/trgovina/informaticka-tehnologija-racunalni-pribor/pribor-za-pc-i-prijenosnike/kabel-serijski-paralelni-25-pin-db25-musko-muski-1-1-2m-q7130026.html Excuse me, but my English is bad
  6. At the point where it bends loses connection. How to make a new cable because I do not have with us to buy the original?
  7. Hello! I have a problem with a flat cable cutters. Does anyone have a solution how to do it?
  8. Home made dryer - repair with profesional hair curler. 8pack (X12 curler - 25mm) for 15 USD all :-)
  9. SU passeword : DKS550 (on my Kis)
  10. Super ! Work on my DKS550S . TNX ,now it s easy to make corect ID photo!!!
  11. TNX , I `try. This is photo with bad solution with polyester...
  12. I have 3 small crack at tank in last wather and my tank leaking.... I try many diferent glues ,polyester kits,epoxy.... Everthting is good for few days and wather laeak again. Sorry for my very bad English...
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