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  1. Ask about DX100

    try do nozzle check before prints, i believe you turn on Periodic Nozzle Check . Tech Support here ask us to turn off this feature to save ink and make printer faster.
  2. Ask about DX100

    Everyday huh ? what do you do, normal clean or diagnostic clean ? is it always the black one who always clogged ? i bet when first few months since new you never had this ?
  3. How is Business ?

    90 % of our order is passport size photos, with that conditions, we ditch our Noritsu laser lab, now we use Epson Drylab, and as backup we use Epson l1800 and refill it with Epson Drylab ink, the result is superb. We sell passport size as package, per package is use 4x6" paper size we sell it $ 2, and my customers are happy. The up size using drylab, now we can process photo very fast, our customer can process their passport size photo under 3 minutes. For 12" size we use Canon large format printer, those printer has very low maintenance cost. Our Canon even have LIFETIME Print Head warranty, as long we use Canon ink, which is that we do. At the old days, we use several Noritsu Laser Printers, we prints amateur photographers , but day by day they asked very low prices and demand high quality. Every day we prints 5000 - 7000 prints per day back then. But to maintance those machines is very pain in the ass, contract service cost increasing year by year, the tech very difficult to find. Now we leave ameteurs photographers services and we provides retails service to end customers only. We dont print wedding except for ours, we dont print studio except ours. For the future, i planned to ditch photo printing business , 5 years max, and i'm out.
  4. Fujifilm Frontier DE 100

    then dont buy it, use larg format printer like canon pro, here in Indonesia, Canon gives us Print Head warranty for LIFETIME as long you use OEM ink. i know that's not ideal for 4x6 size, but at the end we need to make profit doesnt we ? with Surelab d700 or DX100, what you'll find is one trouble to another. When i bought this printer , they promised me PH will last for 100k prints, but that is bullshit, my printhead failed after less than 10k prints 4x6. After PH replacement the printer was loosing it's detail, i dont think the replacement PH is the same as PH on new unit. after 13 months, mainboard was failed and it costs me twice than PH price, my ink house was failed before.
  5. Fujifilm Frontier DE 100

    Ask for 3 years Warranty otherwise run....
  6. Fujifilm Frontier DE 100

    it is sell here in Indonesia, and i dont think it is same printer as qss smart
  7. Frontier 570 subscan

    i want to ask, does F550 and 570 have same subscan parts?
  8. Fujifilm Frontier DE 100

    anyone ?
  9. DX 100

    Mine Epson SL D700 which is same printer as DX100 with daily prints on average 100 prins 4x6, After 5 Months, every morning before first print, PH always Clog and needs to Clean, SO Cleaning PH is my daily routine. even worse on monday when i didn't print on Sunday. After 7 Months PH Failed, And was replaced by Epson SC. 10 Months, Yellow ink Leaking 12 Months, PH Failed again + Pump. 13 Months, Motherboard failed 14 Months, i throw away this printer into Epson Office and never look back. All and all, this printer is pain in the ass, so many bad news from other users. Fujifilm knows this, and this is why here in Indonesia, Fujifilm not sell DX 100 anymore, they have new product call DE 100 and this printer use 4 inks .
  10. Fujifilm Frontier DE 100

    Anyone know about DE 100 ? I own Epson D700 which is same machine as Fujifilm DX100. Epson d700 have bad durability, for a year i change Printhead 3 times, 1 inkhouse, and 1 motherboard. So many negative review on this machine. Recently Fujifilm launch DE100, which is very different to DX100, 4 inks compare to 6 inks. Anyone know about it ? who made this printer ? Noritsu,Epson or Fuji themself?
  11. Epson SL d700/Frontier S Ridicolous durability

    on both machines ? i have 2 printers and same have a similar problems after few months. and what is decompresion pump ? what is look like ?
  12. Epson SL d700/Frontier S Ridicolous durability

    i know it's Fuji section, but there is no drylab /epson section on this forum, so forgive me if i post here. i've been using Epson SL D700 (same printer as Fuji DX100) for two years. for those 2 years my printer busted for 7 months, thankfully those printer still under warranty. so i've got a new replacement printer, but this new printer only last 4 months and the head busted again. After got replacement new head, speak to the devil this head only last for 5 months. All those printers have same problems, after 1 ink recycle (replace after at least 1 ink colour) i have daily clogging when first time i turn this printer on. the symptomps is getting worse when i dont use it for a day, for example on Monday when i closed my shop on Sunday. what i prints is 200 4"x6" average per day which is 70% are passport size so there are more solid colour on the pictures. Mostly is Red. I used original ink and paper that epson recomended whis is also sold by epson. i used the print with UPS. i turn the printer on 8 AM and keep it on until i turn it off at 9PM i dont understand what i did wrong so the printer has ridicolous head durability. i found this webside and some other user had similar problems http://williamtingcl.blogspot.co.id/2016/10/epson-surelab-d700-printer-clogged.html
  13. Fuji Dx100 with Epson Order controller

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t6ben5aclnpyzuc/AABYCshU8ssJjPiC5y5R7yGPa?dl=0 HERE is sl d700 printer driver
  14. Fuji Dx100 with Epson Order controller

    maybe this can help https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uetq16j547stxxa/AAAKlhUtqvqKd_wCSg2XBkdVa?dl=0 Surelab Order Controller
  15. Ask about DX100

    Hello everyone i want to ask about dx100 How often id your printer clog when first start, especially on monday when sunday you dont print. how u use the printer do you turn it on morning and keep it turn on until you close or you just turn it on the printer when there is an order to prints and turn it off when it finish ? how many prints do you prints on average per day