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  1. i bought my first epson d700, honeymoon periode only last for 6 months, with average prints arround 80 prints 4x6 per day, the printer really a pain in the ass. Clogging every morning, pump failed, head failed, ink leak. And stupidily i bought another d700, and guess what ? it only last 5 months, it has the first clogging on the Cyan, but after 1 cycle head cleaning. the C was OK but the LM, it's gone it's completely gone.....i know my printers comes with warranty, but every single problem comes, i burned a lot of ink, and who will pay for that ? No wonder now Fujifilm ditch Frontier S DX100 and they release a DE 100 which is completely different system.
  2. i don't see QSS Smart on Noritsu Web page either
  3. the calibration plate and the disk must match, i think #21 result is not right
  4. try to upgrade your PC RAM
  5. nozzle check ?
  6. leaking LED from some PCB maybe ?
  7. please, feel free to download www*dr***ox*com/sh/dj1f92k7gh1m42k/AAALWxjnw9-ZU3SUfAoaOlBPa?dl=0 You know what to do with the * File size more 500 MB, so make sure you have good connection i just want to help qss 35 series owner. i used to have one, and now i'm out from wet lab and move to drylab i will delete this file within a week. Greeting from Indonesia
  8. if all the connections are OK, you need to check Printer Control PCB
  9. 1094 what is the suffix number ? 1094-0001 - Paper Supply Unit A 1094-0002 - Paper Advance Unit 1094-0003 - Paper Supply Unit A and Paper Advance Unit
  10. something on the roller or crossover scartch the paper. try to clean it all
  11. looks like ghosting rather than lines Maybe image processing PCB is faulty or believe or not maybe something wrong with the ground wire.
  12. Agree
  13. my surelab d700, the head only last for 6 months with prints average arround 150 prints 5x6 per day. the second machine onlylast 3 months. under warranty the first machine had major ink leak on yellow in house. after warranty expired, the head fails again, and the replaced head only last for...1 day !!! yes 1 day..... maybe it's cheaper to fix than the noritsu, but if problems come one to another day by day..it will kills your bussines
  14. I have epson d700 with average prints arround 150 4x6 per day after 6 month i have problem, every morning the nozzle were clogged. Under warranty epson replace printhead. 7 months laters, i have major leaks on yellow ink house. No warranty. 2 months laters the print head failed (again) , nozzles clogged is back. get a new print head, and after 1 day..yes a day, 1 channel is clogged beyond cleaning. i have friend in Malaysia, he have similar problem, and his friend in South Africa have the same problem i dont know how much ink i already wasted. now i reget replace my old noritsu with epson... dont get d700, buy d3000 or wet lab is worth to run
  15. How do i clean the capping unit? Parked the head on the left side? Room temperature is arround 25-27 C