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  1. what is the difference between Frontier 550/570 and 550R/570R, i'm planning to get a new minilab, in here Fujifilm stops selling Noritsu made minilab, but they offer a brand new 550R/570R and drylab.
  2. Does the error come right after you turn on the printer ? Check cutter section if it's so, the cutter failed to initialize, usually after we turn on the printer, the cutter move, if the cutter failed, the printer intial proccess is stop and state error with all leds on
  3. as long you have the product key, you can download it here http://tech.epson.com.au/downloads/category.asp
  4. clean wiper and capping unit regularly, including the rubber which sealed the head . those two are the culprit
  5. add little bit +M when printing, i'not sure how to adjust for drylab
  6. did you solve this problem ? i have similar problem
  7. also try to clean wiper blade
  8. i thinks it's decompression pump,
  9. is the gap still there after PH Changing, maybe your old PH is fine, id ont know which one is but the pump is round, here if you buy Original Epson d700 PH from epson, you'll get a pump , it's a package, they said it is better to replace those at the same time, it's just like gear and chain at bike
  10. are you sure the print head is in a good condition? is the gap at the same place or changing? why not change pump at same time with PH ?
  11. i'm not sure which model, but fuji tech said to me it is Fuji made minilab, not noritsu
  12. Here at my Country, Fujifilm since end of last year start selling NEW Frontier 550 with full backup, warranty and contract service.They called it Fujifilm Frontier Reborn, with Reborn sticker on the body. I just want to ask does Fujifilm really back to silver halide minilab of their own not Noritsu made? or it just last stock selling.This is tempting if they are really back, in my experience Fujifilm wetlab more durable than Noritsu. And one more thing, here Fujifilm stop selling DX100, they now have DE100 , 4 inks drylab with resolution 1440 dpi (DX100 720ppi)
  13. try do nozzle check before prints, i believe you turn on Periodic Nozzle Check . Tech Support here ask us to turn off this feature to save ink and make printer faster.
  14. Everyday huh ? what do you do, normal clean or diagnostic clean ? is it always the black one who always clogged ? i bet when first few months since new you never had this ?
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