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    Fuji Frontier 350, Color Management, Photography, Argyll, Colormunki, Nikon, Photography, Windows.
  1. Delete unnused User Account on Frontier F350 (SP2000)

    Now I see my ignorance... Thank you for your enlightenment, Minilab service!
  2. Hi people, Maybe its a silly question... but why not to ask? I want to delete 2 unnused user accounts ("x" and "xx" as show on the photo i've taken) on SP2000 PC Frontier 350. This accounts were created by the former owner of the minilab and we don't need it anymore as SE2 have all privilegies to acess the menus. There is a way do that without formating? Just because its anoying to see these "phanton" accounts every time that I need logging on.
  3. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    But as far as I know, the MS01 needs a overall adjustment of the system, like updating the operational system to Windows 7 and updating the SP2000 computer. There is a step by step requirement and instalation guide to this?
  4. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    I may have the same problem, and I use the version 5.5-0E-953K (more up to date than maher's). When I click in the "HDD" button on FE-IN, the program takes about 30seconds to respond and open the image selection screen. I Have a Frontier 350. Any kind soul can give me some light? Maybe there is a more up to date version of this software and I don't know.
  5. DI C4C5

    Please, send me the patch for XP. gustavofotoscentro@gmail.com Thanks in advice!! - Thiago
  6. Steel Belt 323D889733C for Frontier F350

    I want to thank you all for the tips!! Unfortunatelly my Frontier gone "offline" about 1 week until the belt reached here. If i had read your tips this time would not be lost. But next time I know. Seens aluminium tape is the best temporary solution. Thanks for tips!
  7. Steel Belt 323D889733C for Frontier F350

    Hi people. The Steel Belt 323D889733C of my Frontier F350 breaked and i have to change. Fuji resseler here in Brazil charged us in around $1400 for a new belt. It's just a simple metal belt, besides I think actually it's not made of steel, but titanium (just a hint). I would apreciate an alternative for this piece. I tryed an car engine, reinforced - and not streching - rubber belt, but the photos was printed streched. I think the "alternative" belt is sliping or skidding (not sure about this word). Is an alternative for this part? Thanks!!
  8. frontier 330 DI software C4/C5

    try to copy the instalation to the Hard Disk before installing. If is bad disc, this will resolve OR make you sure that the problem is the disc (in the case of error messages when copying).
  9. DI C4C5

    Hi people. My first post here, i found this forum great! High specialized knowledge and people wiling to help! I have a question. This process you talk in this topic works on Windows Vista 64bits or Windows 7? My Windows Vista can "see" the F350, but he ask for drivers that i can't found on Fuji website. Please, be aware than i'm new on this minilab thing. One more question: C4C5 install CD is suposed to come with F350 or Fuji just install it? I ask because my company bougth an used minilab. Forethanks!