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  1. Witajcie, Napiszę po polsku, widzę że parę osób wypowiada się w tym języku. Nie powinno być problemu ze zrozumieniem. Takie coś mi się zrobiło jak na zdjęciu, pionowe paski na odbitkach. Co może być przyczyną i jak usunąć taką usterkę. Dziękuję za pomoc. Minilab to DKS 750.
  2. Hello, I think I know him. He's a minilab technican. He worked in Kodak in Poland couple years ago. He lives in Poland. Warsaw. I think he is a good technican Website in Polish http://www.alertoff.pl/kontakt.html
  3. I tried without filter PCB. The same thing. Tomorrow i'll try to check brushes once again and switch power supply from lamp house, maybe that's the problem. Thank You for help and sugestions.
  4. I put belt off from motor and measured the voltage. It was 4,50V.
  5. Hello, Still it's not good:( I cleaned motor, brushes are OK. It's running quietly and smoothly. Still stopping and buzzing. I measure voltage again. First time it was without motor, then it was 14,85. When I put motor back and run process it was 10,80. When the motor is stopping voltage is going down do 2,50-3 V. I think that's the problem but what's the solution? I'll check soldering on small PCB. Thanks again for help.
  6. Hello guys, Small update. I measured voltage in places visible on photos, it's 14,85 V. Is it good or too low? Voltage written on motor is 24V. I checked the motor. I think it's OK, I put 9 V battery and it's running without noises but hasnt got strenght. I can stop it in one hand. What's the problem? Sorry for my english, I hope that someone understands me
  7. Hello again, Couple days ago rack motor stopped when machine was running. First, i though that was some kind of rack problem, but i have noticed that motor is stopping even without paper in process. It hasn't got power/strengh. I think it's motor problem, maybe with brushes or with voltage but i don't know where to measure. When motor is stopped some kind of buzzing is coming from it. It's running quite smoothly when i testing it with my hands so i think it's not brushes...something worse. Please tell me, where exactly mesure voltage and how high it shoud be. Thank You.
  8. Hi guys, My lab (dks 750) has a leak in stab tank. It cause a short circuit in motor below the tank. My questions is: how to remove & replace the motor. There is a very small space for hands etc. I will be very greatful for service manual and some help. Thanks
  9. Thanks for help. I cleaned sensor and everything is OK now. Thanks again
  10. Hi again, I've got problem with my dks 750. Sometimes (lastly very often) paper after cutting from cartridge is moving too high on the rubber cartpet (i don't a name for this part of machine). I saw it through a "black hole". It's not exposing all, but with a white margin. What part of the machine is broken, what should i do? :-/ Thx for help.
  11. Hi again, My problem isn't solved yet. I think the polarize lens is adjusted properly. I made a new LUT. I have noticed something weird, when I push "NEW CARTRIDGE" button machine isn't relising white sheet of paper. It's pink when I put 102 Supra Endura Professional F, blue for 102 Supra Endura Professional E, almost white for 152 Supra Endura Professional Y and again blue for 203 Supra Endura Professional F. Color should be white for all kinds of paper, what's the problem?
  12. Hi, Thx for help. It's very usefull. I was trying to set the highest value of difference, For this machine it's about 410-415. Paper setup, prints are pink, purple. I don't know whats goin on.
  13. Today I was trying to set up polarizer lens. It's a hard job. I attaching some screens test. What should I do to make it better?
  14. Hello guys, I have a problem with DKS 750 minilab. 2 months ago LCD broke down. It was hard to buy replacement. It took some time. I've installed myself new LCD. Chemistry went down either, so I've made new one yesterday. I'm useing Kodak Endura Professional Papier & Kodak chemistry. Paper setup doesn't look good. I think my problem is polariser lens position. Could you write, step by step what should I do to solve the problem, please:) & thanks for help peace 8) ironic_twist
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