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  1. dlsngl

    Adding Templates To Ezmall

    I have never seen EZmall but I would bet it may require a dongle as well like EZ Controller and EZLab do? Just a suggestion
  2. I don't see how this would ever work. The problems in regards to software conflicts would be huge. I remember when 2 kodak guys updated me to win 2000 from win98 and that was a nightmare. I have been lucky enough in the distant past to have spoken to 3 of the Kodak people who wrote/built the DLS software and systems. Continuing updates were planned but of course never implemented. Our mp 1600 died an agonizing and expensive death 2 years this past November. We kept the DLS server and the SI 1080 scanner for 2 more years to scan film to a folder for our new D1005 and then it finally died this fall. My belief is that to keep a DLS going you will have to scavenge original spec parts from where ever you can get them. Upgrading to something as new as win 7 or as quirky as win Vista would be an exercise in futility. Just the opinion of a 12 year DLS user.
  3. My understanding is you still need some kind of server set up to run the noritsu software that you would load into the mp1600. To change the dls software would probably not be to big a deal but all the rest of what you would have to do with the server would probably not be easy at all. I thought of doing that once but I spoke to some one who had done a lot of research on it and changed my mind.
  4. dlsngl

    Uniformity For Amr

    You do not actually use the numbers as your decision point. What you are looking for is the first space between the bars that is clean and clear and free of colour and fog. This can be very hard to see and you have to average them from the 3 (Ithink) prints made each time. My experience is this has been in the 10 to 12 area. Just arbitrarily picking a low or high number is going to do nothing but screw up the whole process. The print shown in the attachment is not the dichroic print but the later uniformity print. Dichroic prints are the ones that come out very colourfull.
  5. dlsngl

    i want to print with SRGB on S2

    I don't know what printer you have but photoshop can output your files in any colour space you want. srgb, adobe 1998, prophoto etc etc etc. Why don't you change the photoshop file to match what your printer prefers?
  6. dlsngl

    2711 Prints odd color (sepia tone like)

    Hi the link supplied will probably solve your problem for the short term. In the longterm you are probably looking at having to replace the machine with a new one. We had this problem and for a while reloading the data worked but it got worse and worse. Eventually it died and we got a new d1005 from nortisu. The mlva head had failed and a used/reconditioned on one was going to cost 53,000 dollars canadian. You should start giving serious thought to your next step. It may last a few months it may not BUT IT WILL DIE and the repairs will be huge. If you have access to a good nortisu tech you should have them look it over. I don't know what part of the world you are in, I do know that some areas get little or no support from noritsu, I hope you are not in one of those places. Good Luck
  7. swap the heater from another tank with the one not working, If it works then you know what needs replacing. If not it confirms it is not the heater
  8. dlsngl

    Dry labs

    We switched from a DLS2721 to a noritsu d1005 in dec 2010. After a lot of initial problems related to differences in the systems and the fact that it happened at the absolutley busiest time of the year. Now that it is the quiet season and we have had time to get used to a completely different way of doing things we are very happy. The fact that the d1005 is almost instant "ON" as compared to tyhe dls2721 is great. 5 mins to get started in the morning versus 45 to 90 minutes for the old system. One poster mentions buying a new wetlab........you could buy 2 or 3 of these for the price of a new wetlab. The cost of operation for a wet lab appears lower and probably is but for ease of operation, quick setup and with the ezlab software that we bought it is just better all around. WE had the dls2721 since 2001 and it was a workhorse no doubt about that part of it. When it finally died the cost of a reconditioned/used MLVA head with a 90 day warrany was over $50,000 CDN. It just did not make sense to keep it. Noritsu had already advised that parts would start to become an issue and we could not get in depth help on software problems.
  9. dlsngl

    Black color problem Fuji Frontier

    Most likley it is contamination of the developer buy the bleach fix. You will have to replace your developer. You do not need to replace any other chemical. It is important to fiqure out how the bleachfix got into the developer tank...did it come via the replenishment system? or splashing from removing the bleachfix racks? during maintenence.
  10. Has your machine been moved recently? Have you disconnected the fiber optics cables. Are they seated in place correctly. It would be unusual for the cables themselves to go bad. I would check all connections and that sort of thing.
  11. dlsngl

    12" x 32" Print on MP1600/2701

    You cannot make a print longer than 24 inches on an Mp1600 with DLS software, I tried many time. The longest I was able to produce was 12x24 but they had a 50% rate of having a printer crease in them as they came out. A number of people have posted here about longer prints but I have never had any success and do not beleive it is possible due to the may the paper feeds. I could be wrong, I would like to be wrong but I don't think I am. We only replaced our dls2721 and mp1600 3 months ago so this is still very fresh in my mind.
  12. That or the MLVA head going is most likely your problem. We are the proud owners of a new noritsu d1005 after battling those same kinds of issue for 8 months or more. I had every cover off of the machine I could get of and still keep it light tight. Finally it got to the point that we would have to shut down and restart 2/3/4 times each day. I cannot remember the number of the pcb that is responsible but I think it is the same one you mention. I beleive It is located under the exposure deck on that slide out section that houses several boards. You could check to make sure it is really clean. You are probably at the point where you will have to try switching boards around. I don't know where you are located but here in Canada ther are some very good techs with lots of mp1600 experience. Good luck
  13. dlsngl

    Kodak G3 not sending orders

    When I had a dlssystem and the g3 we had no problems at all, at least with that part. The things I would check are these...are the ip addresses the Default dls ip adresses? and not from some other source? Also if you connect the g3 directly to the printer will it work skipping any router, hub or switch that you may have right now??
  14. Our Dls 2721 finally died and we now have a new Noritsu d1005. I also have a very old G3 order station with dls enablement software on it. Does anyone know how to get this to send orders to the d1005?? I assume i have to reload original g3 software but after that I have no idea. Any suggestion appreciated. It is not my only kiosk but I would like to get a bit more life out of it if I can.
  15. dlsngl

    paper comes out dirty

    You may have missed nothing at all. Often when a printer or a processor has been really cleaned up there can be a lot of bits floating for a few days. Be sure that you have new filters and that they are in correctly. I try when cleaning to do it so the system has over night for the junk to settle down in the tank and then the warm up the next day catches most of it in the filters. I have been seeing this since 1981 everytime!