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  1. Fuji Photobook Creator

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    Fuji Photo book creator includes , Touch Screen Kiosk, 8" Dye-Sublimation printer and Photo book binder enclosed in a single unit. Can be seen working, had a service by Veritek a year ago only produced limited quantity since then. Selection of consumables probably create a dozen or more books with it. Will need collecting.

    200.00 GBP

  2. Kodak 8800 On Apex

    Leave the 8800 connected via the USB to the APEX , then on the kiosk go into configuration and set the "Kiosk" as a stand alone in the Kiosk Network folder then reconnect to the Kiosk network that should solve the problem
  3. Kodak G4X Fuji Enabler

    Ring your service contact and ask for one if your on a service contract they should supply FOC
  4. Kodak G4X Fuji Enabler

    Service diagnostics is supplied on a USB pen from your service provider and has a limited chain on it for installation and time period
  5. Kodak Dl2100 Fuser Temperature

    Try changing the setting for the media
  6. Purchasing A Minilab

    If you can Scan and send images to your PC you could buy any minilab.
  7. Memory For Kodak Kiosk

    The actually kiosk software will only use 3GB of memory also check which PC version you have in we had 8 Kiosk kiosk which encompassed 3 different PC's, ie. PC15, PC20 and PC 25 and the lower No model would often crash when 4GB was installed. We ended up settling for 3gb in each unit the extra GB made no difference to performance
  8. WE use a old Fuji Finepix V10 5.1mp worked fine for 4 years. Lithium battery get a weeks work between charges
  9. Apparently the Timson (Max Spielman) Group have bought Snappy Snaps. There must be a future for our industry.
  10. Upgrading A Kodak G4 V2.0 To 5.3

    A G4 will upgrade to version 6.1 you just need the installation discs, Ring Tetenal they provide them
  11. Kodak Wifi Dongle

    Ring Tetenal 01162815741 they have the pricing
  12. Kodak Wifi Dongle

    You load V6 on then plug in the Dongle all the software is in V6
  13. 15p minimum price admittedly with a Dry Lab but @ 7p, 5.8p after vat why bother
  14. kodak paper

    We use Super Endura VC all backprinted all purchased via Tetenal in the UK
  15. kodak paper

    All our Koday Royal and Endura is backprinted