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  1. Clickrs/Servitel, remember that you can submit jobs remotely to FDI from a Windows 7 64-Bit machine.
  2. Hi Clickrs, This question comes up quite a few times in my presence and the literature as you observed is rather vague (but it maybe that I was just not paying attention!)- I guess the problem might be that it can vary from country to country and over time. In a more lucid moment I did manage to make a note of the contents of the attachment. Although this did relate to the D3000, the figures were not too much out of line with the D700-equivalent which they also carry. It's a start. I know of at least one other user with a couple of D700's who comes on the forum quite regularly who is always very helpful. It would be great to have a section. I am always keen to discover feedback, workflow issues and wish lists.
  3. Do you have the D3000 or the D700?
  4. Hi, without inspecting the before and after files it is difficult to tell, but I suspect that in editing the file the exif header was removed. If it remained, the Adobe Flag has been set in the header. I used to ensure that the exif header was transfered post editing (say resizing) and the flag unchecked... but this was done in software. This ensured that Image Intelligence had all the correct information to do its job.
  5. By the way does the same difference happen when importing via DPOF?
  6. Some Labs make an effort to read the Exif Info and apply special corrections based on Manufacturers, etc. I was just speculating whether this could be a factor. You could try to print a file containing no Exif data (or a bmp file, if NHF will support it - cannot recall) to see if there is still a difference.
  7. Could be related to the presence or not of Exif info in the file or embedded profile.
  8. Yes, with an enabler on the Kodak Kiosk you can at least go into MS01 with the addition of MS13.
  9. See if there is a Hot Folder option in the software so that you can access this folder over the network for printing.
  10. Check the condition.txt file very carefully for format mistakes.
  11. Hi Aspkrans, I thought that Oblo were no more but I spotted a Kiosk of theirs at Photokina recently. I have since, quite separately, been in touch with the manufacturers - FIT Engineering, to integrate their kiosk to our Epson Surelab solution. He has offered to upgrade Oblo kiosk software to existing users (cost may be involved - I don't know) . PM me and I will put you in contact with him.
  12. Mario, Would you want a fully automatic process, picking up copy count and size information, and backprint control?