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  1. Yesterday, faced with a problem that manifests itself as follows - in the window of the order d-workflow does not go to print cmd in the window of this program was the following text: [RMI TCP Connection(6)-] INFO CreateBatchList:createPDMBatchFromHP FDF(): ----- createPDMBatchFormHPFDF(...) - method ----- [RMI TCP Connection(6)-] INFO CreateBatchList:createPDMBatchFromHP FDF(): number of batches (should be: 1) : 1 [RMI TCP Connection(6)-] INFO CreateBatchList:createPDMBatchFromHP FDF(): current batch number:9173 [Thread-6] INFO PDMBatchListInterfaceImpl$SpaceCheckThread:run(): Checking free disk space ... One gets the feeling that somewhere is not enough space - the question where? I checked everything but the screws to the Linux computer but how to check do not even know This happened immediately after the occurrence of an error that left magazine that configuration is not recognized - do not understand why it suddenly happened. today just does not want to run MBL - immediately generates an error (MBL comes with right magazine)
  2. Antero

    Icc Profile For Dlab1

    dlab1 has a new software - it has a higher quality profiles. Nevertheless, good print quality can only be achieved when you create a profile (i use I1pro2) and apply it to your photos before sending to print
  3. When you turn on the machine, we are faced with this problem. On the small picture that is not noticeable, but in the size of 20x30 picture can be clearly seen. The photo in the attachment - printed on paper size 30.5 cm, white stripe on the operator side
  4. Antero

    How Can Recalibrate Dlab-1

    after calibration you can create profile - i use for this I1pro2 device
  5. Antero

    How Can Recalibrate Dlab-1

    install the last software (3.20) 1) set temperature 1.5) if you have 3.20 soft - choose paper profile 2) make Grey cal 3) make PBL (for master paper) 4) do MBL 5) make PBL for another paper 6) if it`s possible - create ICC profile and use it ______ ps sorry for my Eng
  6. Antero

    Disable Fp Part On Dlab-1

  7. Antero

    Back Print Error (Dlab2)

    I completely changed BP but this problem has not disappeared, indeed the same problem appeared on one machine. Just do not know what to do (
  8. Antero

    Back Print Error (Dlab2)

    Well - I will wait for news)
  9. Antero

    Docking Problem Dlab-1

    What is disable so never appears on the docking process ? Specifically, some wire, and whether it is disabled in the program?
  10. Antero

    Docking Problem Dlab-1

    Hello Tell me is it possible to disable docking system in DLAB 2+ ?
  11. Antero

    Docking Problem Dlab-1

    As far as I know it is impossible to turn off this feature. We also do not use a boxed chemistry. Doing so - with the inscription of the need to perform the operation, we just insert the box with full of water that would have triggered the sensor and the process has gone, and tanks pour your chemistry Only need to pour water into one of the barrels (which is in the front of the sensor) and close the film (which will be able to break through with a knife) Sorry for my English - I use Google translator
  12. Antero

    Back Print Error (Dlab2)

    for some unknown reason, the error occurred: PR internal back print error (90C) PR internal back print error (90B) (assembly RD)=>Stop
  13. Antero

    Agfa Dlab 1 - Can The Adjustment Measurement Pbl ?

    We have a very long time working on paper Fuji On other machines, there is no problem with the calibration because it is possible to manually enter the DMAX I am interested in how the data can be entered on DLab 1
  14. Antero

    Back Print Error (Dlab2)

    As I wrote above - print works but is triggered when the photo is already in the transition to the wet part