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  1. I had to upgrade the PC to processor I5 and replace the motherboard, but this motherboard does not support windows 2000.
  2. Good Morning My friends. I need work with the Net Order Connection in 3501 without EZ COntroller, but this program don't work in Win XP. What can I do to this? Thank you so much
  3. How do I do this procedure  NPIPLVUP...?
  4. Hello friend, I am from Venezuela. 


    I have the same problem with the I / F PCB in a 3702. I manage to solve ..? had to buy the card ..?

    1. CesarBR


      Hi my friend

      I have make the change of this pcb... 


  5. Dear sirs. where can I get version 6.72 of the EZ for download? Thanks so much
  6. With the local network I have communication, but with the board I do not have.Even using the Display Module, nothing appears ...This occurred after the upgrade to version 16.1 of the Qss Printer.
  7. Hello Srs. I am facing a problem with a printer if pcb of the qss3702hd device. I was updating the printer version to 16.10 and failed to update the PCB and abnormal termination occurred during the process. After that, I could not communicate with the PCB. I tried to run the NPIPLVUP file without success. I removed the battery and reset the CMOS without success. Do you have any suggestions to help me? Thanks a lot for the help!!
  8. De lo que parece ser, puede ser un mal contacto en el Laser Control PCB e Laser I/O PCB. Compruebe las conexiones de estas placas.
  9. The QSS35ibeam is a good machine for those looking to not have spent with the changing of the laser unit in the future. i do not know why, but here in Brazil it comes with a flatbed scanner from Epson excellent. Because the iBeam be 40% cheaper than the laser, it is worth the purchase.
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