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  1. komodo

    condition setup on Frontier 500

    hi, i have a problem on my Frontier 500. printing the setup condition on 12,7 glossy paper the result is OK. printing the setup condition on 15,2 glossy paper the result is NG. Initialize all the condition setup. the problem is the same the chemical is New Any idea...??? thx
  2. komodo

    E-2887 on Frontier 570..

    Hi, i have this error e-2887 and i can't find any information on service Manual.. Any Help... thx
  3. hi, when i enter in DICII to read image.. the process reading image take a long time any solution thx
  4. komodo

    E-2592 Frontier 570 error..??

    thank u very much..
  5. komodo

    E-2592 Frontier 570 error..??

    hi, any one know the E-2592 error. i search the technical document and can't find it any idea thx
  6. hi, i have a fontier 570 with paper jam on only 10x15 format. all other format is ok any idea
  7. komodo

    E-2331 on frontier 570

    but the fan workes well... if it's a fuse the fun don't turn on..
  8. komodo

    E-2331 on frontier 570

    Hi, i have E-2331 error : Image control box cooling fan(F620) abnormal. i have change the F620 fan but the error still remains. Is GMC23 circuit board fautly..??? any idea..??
  9. komodo

    durst on back print Frontier 570

    hi, i have a durst on my back prints. i have clean all the racks, change PSR but nothing still same prob any Idea
  10. komodo

    how to change Replenishment rates..

    hi i'm gonna to change from CP49E to CP49LR on my frontier 550, i read on pdf that usually make change on Replenishment Rates.. any idea how to change..?? thx
  11. Hello, i search for S2 & S3 ver 3.0 for exchange i have many Software S and MS in return thx mail : top.impress@topnet.tn
  12. komodo

    My Sp3000 Scanner Don'T Turn On...

    help with my Sp3000 scanner don't turn on.. any idea..??
  13. komodo

    Need Help With Condition Setup

    Hi, i have Frontier 500 and it work fine until i have change the paper from crystal archive to crystal archive Digital and all the condition is N.G is there a truc to inter the paper icc profile or what..?? thx in adv
  14. komodo

    Ms01 And Big Order..??

    hi.. why Ms01 split big order if i send an order with 200 prints, it will split to 3x60 + 20 prints and the sorter is regulated to 50 prints any idea..??
  15. komodo

    What'S S30 Software...???

    Yes it's S30.. i have S3 ( Variety Print) installed and also i have S30 S30 ver 3.0.0E-141