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  1. Lp25000 Replanisher Sect Problem

    Tnx I already tryed that. But i dont know how to reset numbers for pumps
  2. What Is It For Capacity Booster

    Can you tell me how to check this? Tnx
  3. Lp25000 Replanisher Sect Problem

    Tnx dude, but I make mesatke machine is LP2000 i tryed to find that option but not exist even in user manual say that suppose to exist with pass 7777 but its missing
  4. Lp 7500 Capacity

    I not understand this, i get big green box with software capacity booster with mine machine, but there is no any dongle just cd. Did someone have dump of this dongles or i can make from your existing dongles virtual ones. Anyone with dongles can contact me on iggori@gmai.com. Tnx
  5. Lp25000 Replanisher Sect Problem

    Hi did anyone have idea what is problem when replanisher is drop, then mixing starts then comes up message that error exist in replanisher section? I check sensors, only P2RA is on. When i drain remaining 300ml P2RA mixing continues without problem. Pump output measurment is done regulary, pumps work but on the end when remain about 300ml P2RA that pump pumps air. Any idea?
  6. What Is It For Capacity Booster

    Tnx dude!
  7. Ms01 Manual Installation

    I think your problem is that you trying to install ms01 4.2 on Windows 7 64 bit. It's not possible to install Database because its not compatibile. Use Windows 7 32bit for 4.2 Workstation can be installed on win7 64bit but it have bugs.
  8. What Is It For Capacity Booster

    I have installed Sentel drivers. How i can check is installed properly. My software versions are: Main: 3.10.001 Printer I/F main:4.021E Printer:1.049 1.010 Processor:1.045 Laser: 1.028 X1 HhB1 H It seems that i have Capacity Booster type E (it say E on big green box).
  9. Noritsu With Fuji Ms01

    And what software need to be installed for machine control? N1_310 or some Noritsu software?
  10. Noritsu With Fuji Ms01

    I'm asking for machines form QSS-37 series. Is installation procedure same as in installation guide pdf for MS01 for fuji? Because there is no noritsu machines in setup.ini file. Can someone share installation procedure? Tnx
  11. What Is It For Capacity Booster

    Wow! Thanks for Gr8 explanation! May I ask what is it for Sentel Drivers? I have found instalations here: http://www.safenet-inc.com/support-downloads/sentinel-drivers/ Just install right? Tnx.
  12. What Is It For Capacity Booster

    What is capacity on first place? Prints per hour? Ability to get more images in memory? When to install capacity booster? Before or after MS01? Do capacity booster need some settings? Installation is next>serial>machine serial>next>finish. How to check that capacity booster is properly instaled? As far i understand only machines that have some aditional board inside have option to install capacity booster. We speak about LP7200. Tnx
  13. Lp 2500 (F370) Instalation

    Ok thanks I got that part. What about software that have Extension, Papir and magazine registration, Pump output anounts? Tnx!
  14. I see some people are sucsesed to install MS01 on Noritsu printers. Can someone share how it's done? Some mod or just stright way install? Tnx.
  15. Lp 2500 (F370) Instalation

    Great, i found drivers in folder you say. (ver 4.2) What you mean with VDentry value? IP adress or something else? Ok i will install that but question is ddo i have program "Frontier Printer" when i install just MS01? Program where i operate with machine? Register magazines, perform pump measurment etc? On LP7xxx i need to install software N1_310 to have that. Tnx