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  1. Kodak DL2100 username & password

    Hello, Username is admin and password is the MAC address on your network board (something like that) You can try
  2. G4

    It's impossible, Kodak dont' sell a product that can do template for kiosk. But it's possible, it's depend your kiosk version, and more, what you want to do (kind off template) In the past, I did that, I made my own software.
  3. Dongle Wifi Abocom Wu5508

    You can see here www.minilab-services.fr
  4. Kpk V7.0

    And Patches of the v6
  5. Windows Control Panel

    Each service module has a life time, each year the january 31
  6. Windows Control Panel

    Can buy it, depending on country. No download
  7. Kodak Duplex Workaround?

    physically it is the same except the jumpers (2 jumpers in the opposite direction compared to Kodak)
  8. Kodak Duplex Workaround?

    I think so but I dont know if is exactly the same colors. And the price is approximately the same than Kodak.
  9. Kodak Duplex Workaround?

    Je n'ai pas fait de photo. C'est simple si le cavalier n'est pas changé, le toner ne peut pas s'emboiter simplement. Il faut le déboiter et le mettre à 180°, changement de coté. Attention lors du chagement d'un tambour il faut toutjours avoir des toners neufs, car à l'initialisation, le tambour prend 50% du toner pour ce recharger. Si questions faites en MP.
  10. Kodak Duplex Workaround?

    Drums for DL2100 http://www.toner24.fr/OKI/Toner/OKI-C710/
  11. Kodak Duplex Workaround?

    You can by the drums for OKI C710 (it's the printer's manufacturer ) http://www.toner24.fr/OKI/Toner/OKI-C710/ Its the same, I try it, and no problem. You just change the direction of two studs Enjoy
  12. Kodak Kiosk Dl2100 Folded Greeting Cards

    It's a bug. You can download this patch http://public.kodak-montblanc.com/8%20-%20KPK%20V6.1%20Greeting%20Card%20Pricing%20Patch%20F1.exe And after better life.
  13. Windows Control Panel

    You need a module service to install enhanced services (control panel access for exemple) It's the same for KPK v4, v5, and v6 I don't know the kpk v1 for G4 XL, I never try it
  14. Facial Skin Smoothing Function

    Hi, You can try this : http://asf.com/products/plugins/airpro/pluginAIRPRO/ It's a plugin for : ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS, CS2 or CS3 (may also work with other plug-in compatible applications); ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Elements 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0; ADOBE PHOTODELUXE Home Edition 4.0, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP LE 5.0; JASC PAINT SHOP PRO 7 and 8 It works with CS5 but 32bits mode (It doesnt work whith 64 bits software)