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  1. hello i have a problem in d-lab1 and din`t solved do you have mobile phone to speak with you wahtsapp


    thank you

  2. Agfa Dlab2 plus ssl blue laser needed

    you can find in https://www.minilablaser.com/lasers-for-agfa best regards
  3. D-LAB1

    hello all we have d-lab1 is didn`t apply to do docking chimical it find error message replenisher tank too full.water valve defective i test all sensors and motors and change PCB 90P-dsd and stay the same problem can any one help me i attatch logfile of minilab thank you logfile.rar
  4. IPU Motherborad problem with radeon x300 video cardd

    hello which version of software on your machine if ver 3.20A-B it will work but if ver 3.10h it will not work on 3.10h need lower models like (ati radeon 9300-9500-9550 9600) and for 3.20 is better ati x500-550 best regards
  5. DLab2 error PR: Operating parameter for BL out of tolerance

    hello this problem from LASER maybe it need to recalibrate fiber cable or change the LASER unit best regards
  6. Run Scanner On Dlab2 Plus Without Processor

    dear where is the problem in your machine it dosn`t work normaly ??
  7. error in sorter

    dear go t service and check the motor of sorter if in test of service not work it find cable between sorter and PCB proccesor it has about 40 pin like IDE cable of hdd it need to change best regards
  8. D-Lab1 "Remove Stop Flap Failure In The Shorter"

    this message is appear when your machine start or when you print film??
  9. How Can Recalibrate Dlab-1

    dear to install v3.20 (a. you need licence key to your minilab if you haven`t you buy it from SAAL-group best regards
  10. Replace Gas Laser With Ssl

    sir you will change most print engine so is better for you let it on gas laser and if your laser get hi current just change fiber cable to become low current and it will work more then 5000hours best regards
  11. Help Me D-Lab1 Error

    dear this problem is appear from sensor in reb tanks it find 3 sensor in every reb tank so you need to check its for CD &BX it find 3 in each one one for low other for full and thierd for over check them one of them is difective best regards
  12. How Can Recalibrate Dlab-1

    balance digital brightness high tone +3 sharpn edge -2 saturation +5 sharpen grain -3 gradation +3 best regards
  13. Disable Fp Part On Dlab-1

    the com5 is on moxa card is has external com ports on pc computer not linux best regards
  14. Dlab 3 How To Replace Aom

    if you put new AOM no need just in service load LUT to defult and then do PBL with laser point and PBL for other paper typs best regards
  15. Strange Noise On Print

    dear sir at first check the video cable of AOM may be it need to fix if this problem stayed change between the 2 AOM G+B and check if this problem appear again best regards