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  1. Bunny

    NEED MS01

    Hello I really would like to upgrade my Frontier 330 to the MS software range and get a faster Pc. I have: 330 Recovery disk FC2011 Ver 121 S2 S3S4S5S12 S7 S11 TET ? S9 C2 7 8491 I have not used and of these yet, only the 330 recovery disk as it is what came with my Frontier. The rest I got from other kind peoples. Thank you. bunny@diepunt.com
  2. Bunny

    NEED MS01

    Hi, I'm also looking for the MS01 range of software. Frontier 330 bunny@diepunt.com Thank you.
  3. Hi I have two Frontier 330's both of them have the same problem with P2RA pump, it just stops pumping and every time its the Pac 22 board. I have had it reappeared lots of times the first time it happened I bought a new board. It works for about two weeks at a time. I don't know what to do any more, I need Help!!!
  4. Bunny

    330 Passwords

    Hi I'm looking for the all the password for the 330. Know the standard passwords I want the other passwords. Thanks
  5. Bunny

    frontier 330 DI software C4/C5

    Hello can I also get a copy of the patch please? bunny@diepunt.com Thanks
  6. Bunny

    DI C4C5

    Hi can I also get a copy of the patch please. bunny@diepunt.com Thanks