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  1. we have used full working condition , tested for 500 EUR
  2. Time Left: 2 years and 9 months

    • FOR SALE
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    We have got over 50 minilabs in stock. Each machine is always inspected by a skilled technician, clean and ready to be installed. We provide a warranty and are able to deliver and install our machines at your place (within the EU). We specialize in the trade of used minilabs and parts of the best brands in the world. We also provide laser and AOM repair service. Here are some main reasons why doing business with us is a guarantee of your satisfaction: you deal with professionals and experts in minilabs you benefit from our extended experience and connections with the best suppliers in the market you, as well as your needs, are always approached individually you experience a top quality guidance and service from the most skilled service team in the market you save your time and money your purchase is always comprehensively prepared for use you have a big selection of machines to choose from in our two warehouses located in the north and in the south of Poland your satisfaction is our goal Check out our offer at www.photolabparts.com and become another happy customer of Pro Foto!

    5.00 GBP

  3. Time Left: 1 year and 10 months

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    We are looking for HP Indigo machines and consumables of all series. Contact us, if you have some to sell.

    0.07 GBP

  4. Time Left: 1 year and 9 months

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    If your Laser Unit is broken or has stopped working then our repair service will fix these issues and save you from purchasing a brand new Laser Unit which could cost between £8000 - £13000 We offer Repair of Lasers for: Noritsu 30xx/31xx/32xx/33xx/34xx/35xx/37xx Fuji Frontier 330/340/350/355/370/375/390 500/550/570/590 and 7100/7200/7500/7700/7900 AGFA D-Lab SSL We also repair AOMs from all minilabs. Repair cost upon request. For all companies in EU VAT = 0% WE REPAIR/REPLACE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Repair/Replace Laser Gun's Check/Replace inside AOM's Check/Replace inside Mirror's HOW DOES OUR REPAIR SERVICE WORK? Purchase our Repair Service Pack your Laser Unit in a safe and secure jiffy bag Send it to us using a recorded/traceable delivery service WHERE DO I SEND MY LASER FOR REPAIR? Once you have purchased the repair service please send your LASER to the following address: ProFoto Miodowa 20 43300 Bielsko Biala Poland tel. 0048 604529709 Please include a short description of the fault, a contact telephone number, and your return address. HOW LONG DOES THE REPAIR TAKE? We repair and return your Laser Unit within 24 hours of receipt, Monday - Friday Items received on Saturday will be repaired and returned first thing on Monday We return all of our Laser Unit repairs using TNT/DPD delivery service OUR PROMISE AND WARRANTY: Our laser repair service is also covered by a 2-year (for Noritsu) or a 2-year (for Fuji) warranty from the day of repair, which means should anything go wrong with any work we have carried out (which is extremely unlikely), we are going to repair the Laser Unit again free of charge. We also offer a direct laser replacement service, which is available within the European Union, where after your problem is diagnosed, our technician delivers a refurbished laser directly to your place and installs in your minilab. The cost of such a service is always estimated individually. WE BUY USED (ALSO DEFECTIVE – FOR SPARE PARTS) DIGITAL MINILABS. IF YOU WANT TO SELL ONE, PLEASE CONTACT US!

    2.00 GBP

  5. Time Left: 1 year and 9 months

    • WANTED
    • USED

    We buy used (also defective - for spare parts) minilabs. If you have one or more to sale, please contact us!

    1.00 GBP

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  7. www.photolabparts.com

  8. gkphoto

    Need a new LCD

    we have for sale used , but full working condition tested without resistor yet LCD with 2 small boards - 1500 EUR our ebay: http://cgi.ebay.de/Gebrauchte-LCD-KIS-DKS-15xx-1500-1510-1530-1550-/140571231598?pt=DE_Foto_Camcorder_Entwicklungsmaschinen&hash=item20bab2c56e
  9. gkphoto

    SP2000 Boards

    we have all used Boards for Sp2000 , please contact : gkopak@mini-lab.pl
  10. gkphoto

    F-350 Red Laser

  11. gkphoto

    brown lines on print 3202 noritsu