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  1. Ignatius

    help LED

    Can you do a MBL? Or no printing at all? Then you have a problem with the print engine. I have spare parts available send me a pm.
  2. Ignatius

    help LED

    Have you checked the Graphix card on the IPU, Fan as well as onboard graphix fan on IPU MB depends which MB you have. Was it exposing ok before this?
  3. Ignatius

    help LED

    What is the problem, error messages etc?
  4. Send me a pm and I can arrange a dropbox link or other. Need to check if I have it still available on my NAS backup.
  5. The main difference between the versions is that the MS software caters for for a wider range of output devices. The rest of the workflow is just as archaic as FE. Also really confusing for the customer but ok for tech's and technical staff instore. Orders on MS can be stop and order midway but you have to know the procedure ... and remember it for when you need it.
  6. Heater(check with voltmeter) or SSR - controls heater switching on/off(replace on PCB)fault. Can be repaired.
  7. hello i have a problem in d-lab1 and din`t solved do you have mobile phone to speak with you wahtsapp


    thank you

  8. Change the security/shared/read only options on the Agfa SW folders.
  9. Hallo Johan Jou BL SSL is amper in DBN. Sal installeer sodra ek dit het...
  10. Werner from www.minilabfactory.us was working on this a few years ago.. contact him from his website.
  11. 6 x 9 not possible due to CCD pixel aspect ratio. 120 Mirror Box needs to be "superclean " and all scanner light paths need to be clean incl. scanner.
  12. 1. Replace the IPU hard drives - you can use SSD 120GB. Delete the .done files on the MPU and it will rebuild the Linux image 2. Replace the IPU CMOS batt if not good, but you have to reset the bios settings on IPU to boot frome network etc. 3. Also check the fan on the Graphics card and motherboard to make sure it is working without a porblem. 4, Check IPU PS but this will also give "LVDS" and other LCD /IPU errors. 5. Clean the contacts of the Memory and PCI cards - STD rubber Eraser works.
  13. You need to check all the poppet valves in the repl. pumps first.(machine switched off) Make sure the waste tanks are empty. If you have a Dlab1 allrounder then take a water valve solenoid from the film processor side and replace it with the one giving an error or just service the one that is giving an error.. Drain the chem from the CD, BX and STB Repl tanks. Run Scripts special Reset PP calb.Shut down and restart. The sequence varies but this is just a general instruction of how to get there and solve the problem.
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