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  1. no i do not make connection between the scanner and the S2
  2. I still would like to check the installation sequence. I have a Frontier 340 and want to replace a computer that is inside. 1: I install Win XP Service Pack 2. Made two HDD discs C and D and cd-rom N. 3: User name : FRONTIER, password : FRONTIER, computer name : FE-FRONTEND, WORKGROUP. (I can not use recovery disk because i am using a different computer configuration.) 4: Installing A1 ver4.0. 5. Installing MSDE2000 database engine SP3a 6. Installing IIS 7. Installing .Net Framework Ver.1.1 8. Then make windows settings like Disabling Windows XP Style, System Error Setting, Disabling User Assistant Function etc. 9. Restart 10. Installing S2 11. Load S2 cd and open explorer than open S2 cd-tools-legacy conf tool and start fifth select slp1000 and write EZPC00 -next-and finished. 12. Optional Software Installation 13. After-installation Work After all these steps I can print from media and film ?
  3. When i try to run A1 v4.0 installation i get message Wrong drive configuration what is wrong.
  4. I do not finish installation, but i think put the S2 CD to the Frontier and run cd-tools-legacy conf tool. If i not right, maybe someone corrected me.
  5. Thank you very much Mahmod
  6. Hi so where can i get A1 ver 4.0 for frontier 340. Maybe someone could send me. My [mail]vaidoto@inbox.lt[/mail]
  7. No PC is inside in Frontier.
  8. Hello I have the same problem with Frontier 340
  9. Hello You need to install ASPI drivers