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  1. I have the banding problem on F570. First the banding suddenly appeared all over the prints, the lines are perpendicular to the feeding direction. So the steel belt motor and the bearings in sub-scanning unit were replaced. The banding was mostly gone but there is still a small area of it left that cannot seem to be got rid of. The area starts quite exactly 1.5 inch from the leading edge of the paper, and is 0.5cm wide (3-4 lines). What we’ve tried so far are: - Replaced sub-scanning bearings and steel belt motor - Replaced the steel belt, adjusting the tightness. - Replaced the LDD23, AOM driver - Replaced RAM on image box - Grounding is ok. The lines are still there. It has been 2 weeks and I already had two teams of technicians working on it yet cannot seem to figure where the problem lies. Please help.
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