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  1. I guess the price will depend on location too but I agree witht he others, don't compare yourself to Boots. I start my pricing at 60p for up 5 prints (50p for next day) and go down to 20p for more than 100 (15p for next day). I get folks coming in all the time talking about how Asda charges only 5p or some other shop osmwhere far away charging 10p. As annoying as it is, I simply tell them (as politely as possible) that you get what you pay for.
  2. Thanks for the info relaxia. At the moment I've managed to hook up an external power supply but I can't adjust the voltage to get the same Hz as before; it's only geting to 125-130Hz. As a result I keep getting "Production is going to stop, rack speed not what is asked for...". Something like that anyway. I did also get hold of a 24v adaptor, but it was turning the racks at about 360Hz. When turning down the voltage, I can only manage to get it to to about 280Hz; again that's too much. Now, is it possible for me to adjust the dev and required rack speed so that I can run the machine using the lower voltage and thus lower Hz? Thanks.
  3. Thanks pskaro, I may just have to do that Just to note, I managed to get an guy in to check some things for me and it seems that there is no power getting to the motor. Does that information change anything?
  4. Right, the motor is working So now to check the other things; not too keen on playing around with the tank board to replace the switching regulator though to be honest :-/
  5. Hey guys, finally got round to getting the motor free. It rotates freely so will be testing it with an external power supply over the weekend. Progress is being made. Slow and steady, but it's being made.
  6. Thanks guys. Will check the motor - now to find a torque screwdriver!
  7. Good news! (Somewhat) It seems I was measuring the board incorrectly :B There is voltage so will be giving the switch a go. Beach Photo - I did contact them, same price, same wait time
  8. Hey relaxia, I am hoping a guy will be coming in over the weekend to have a look at it for me. And I agree, considering I'd have to sit tight for 6 weeks, I may as well try anything! I have to admit though, I'm glad I'm not paying for a service contract with PhotoMe; that would seriously be throwing money down a black hole. I guess I can get on with some paperwork for the time being
  9. Right, providing I've checked my tank board correctly, I do need to change my tank board. PhotoMe have quoted me £724.15+VAT and delivery. Not too bad I guess. Only problem is they won't have any stock for another 6 weeks! So much for my business.
  10. Hi Guys, Finally managed to get hold of a voltmeter and have checked the board. LD32 is green but I am not getting any reading from TP97. Now, this may be because I'm not making contact correctly. So, apologies for appearing rather obtuse (its been over a decade since I did any electronics), but I am to place both contact on TP97 right? :-/ alper76 - How much are you able to get the tank board for? And are you based in the UK? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Now to find out what needs to be done; fingers crossed!
  12. Thanks for the help guys. Am hoping I don't have to replace the board, especially at that price! pskaro - Are you suggesting I can get away with simply changing the switching regulator?
  13. Hey Folks, Tried to turn on my machine this morning and was greeted by this message: "Timeout of starting rack so paper evacuation failed. SOURCE:[ERROR]Source paper transport board Command level." I've tried to run some diagnostics and can only confirm that the start racks command is being sent but they are not starting. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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