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  1. Upgrading Kodak G3/GS Order Station

    G3 don't support V8.1kpk, just until V2.2 kpk. G4 is better. Regards
  2. QSS 3702HD print Biased Image

    Yes, all prints has some image tilted angle, but 8x10 is where it shows much more
  3. QSS 3702HD print Biased Image

    OK, thanks a lot, I checked paper exposure deck and there is a little belt like seem worn, part H016866-00 belt. Thanks for your help. Yustas
  4. QSS 3702HD print Biased Image

    thank Yustas, but the image quality is good, and paper go out straight from Dryer , like seem the image from laser is biased.
  5. QSS 3702HD print Biased Image

    see image , this link https://file.fm/u/kewr3f7m
  6. hello. I have some problem to print all size on a qss 3702HD, all prints, on a minilab with triple magazine , go out with Biased Image. see image encloused. I don't know, where begin? any idea? regards
  7. install firmware from windows, again, Maybe, can solve this problem. regards
  8. Kiosk Kodak G4 Bios Parameters

    Hola, Hay una prioridad en el arranque de el BIOS, tienes que ponerlo como primera opcion o habilitar la opcion de arranque en HDD. Lo mas seguro que esta deshabilitado o lo tienes que arranque desde el DVD o usb. saludos
  9. Kodak 6800 White Vertical Lines

    Change thermal head
  10. Kodak G4 - Os Recovery/System Cd

    PC 29 lenovo m58 ssf, kodak kiosk G4xe
  11. Kodak G4 - Os Recovery/System Cd

    hi Folks, I have a kodak picture kiosk G4XE, but don't have system recovery OS. This kiosk is power supply outside. I have a system recovery but when tried loading, show a error, don't find image ghost machine. Someone help, please thanks in advance
  12. I already do that., but still goes problem.
  13. ok, let me check glass, question: how acess to it? or how clean it? it is up to exposure deck. thank in advance
  14. if you see image front of you, paper direction is from down to up.