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  1. Hello again.I still can not work.I did the ARCNET self-diagnosis. Nothing has connection. (view photo)I suppose it could be any card. I have suspicions between the scanner and the PCI card that is in the PC. Is there any way to disconnect the scanner from the 3501? That way, at least he would discard the scanner.Thank you very much. I would be very grateful for any response.
  2. Okay, I saw it. The software is in my same machine and I am crazy looking everywhere. To kill me.
  3. Hi,
    J391179-00 costs 1050 Euro + 50 Euro shipping.

    If you agree- send your inquiry.

    We work by order, sent by email only.

    1. vazma


      I have to confirm that that card does not work.

      Last week I bought you the update for that machine but I have not got it installed.

  4. In my version of ARCNET check does not contemplate the 3501. I searched for the version for the 3501 but I am not able to find it. Do you know where to get it? Thank you very much again and best regards
  5. Thank you very much. I'm also suspecting that card. But I would like to confirm it before ordering it, because there is no stock in Spain. Regards, and thank you very much
  6. Hi, I need help with the ARCNET errors of my Noritsu 3501. I have no communication of anything. Neither AFC Scanner, nor Laser nor Processor nor Printer. I have cut the ends of all the fibers, cleaned the connectors, all power supplies are OK. In the menu "system version check" the connections appear as failed. I have the trick of pulling fiber cables one by one and waiting for the OK connections, when you get it you know that the connection that is failing is the cable you have out of its connector. I have done it and nothing has worked either. I also see that he does not read me the meters of paper nor the temperatures.Does anyone know what may be happening to me ?.Many thanks in advance and forgive me my English so bad.