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  1. Frontier 340 Cuts From Photo

    Hello, i have this annoing problem with my printer, only at 15x20, and 15x21 it cuts from the picture, it seems to me like it's stretching the picture because it only cuts from top and bottom of the picture. Any ideeas, i'vr tried from fine adjustment but it does not fix this... Thanks in advance. THe pic, has the right proportions and it's set with fit in.
  2. Frontier 340 Problem E2510

    Hello! I have a problem with my 340, It give's me this error "Anti dust shutter mallfunctions E2501"and it makes a continous beep. Can anyone help please!
  3. Need Ms16

    Can someone help me with ms16? Please!
  4. solution remains in tank

    Thanks for the answers. I forgot to mention, I checked the pumps and the output is the same as set, i haven't checked the water pump output, I'll do that and after I will check the hoses and all the other. Thanks!
  5. solution remains in tank

    Hello All! I have a problem with my Frontier 340. It gives me this error "solution remains in tank" this hapens after he empties the catridges, after this error, he will let me print about 100-200 photos and the will say "number of prints excedes limit". In order to fix this i'm forced to poor water in the P1 tank (where the cartridge goes), because in the "Procesor Input Check" is showing "level low" for P1R. I changed the pump for the PSR because it was leaking an i thougt that was the problem. But it still gives me that error. Any sugestions? Thanks!