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  1. looks like the Scanner drive pcb has a different number J391198. All the voltages are ok though we may have a faulty relay (clicking when meter connected). when we do a output check on the lane change motor the error of the door seems to clear. Scanner control PCB number is J391197. Not really sure what is going on.
  2. Thank you all for taking the trouble to reply. So, last week , we had another message along with the "close scanner door" and this was "close paper magazine door", even though the doors were closed. Since we have replaced the power supply and the machine worked for a few days. Unfortunately the "close scanner door and Lane change operation errors" reappeared yesterday. this persisted for a few hours and then resolved by itself. This morning the machines seem to have fired up and there is no sign of any issues. What could be the cause of these recurring messages even though the Power supply has been replaced?
  3. Hi, We are unable to clear the following error Close scanner unit cover on our Noritsu 3502. Doors all seem correctly closed and tried magnets on both sensors on the front and the side of the neg scanner unit.(S1-II) Any advise is appreciated! Regards
  4. My G4 screen flickers and then blanks out and does an auto adjust. Is this something that can be fixed? I can still place orders but it is quite disconcerting for the customers. Any advise or help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Kodak Duplex Workaround?

    Hi sculder, No I havent got round to it as yet.My drums are showing depleted but the Dl2100 still works. Not sure how long its going to last though. Cheers
  6. Kodak Duplex Workaround?

    With regards to the 2 studs can you specify or post a picture? I have the same issue and I want to be sure before i spend £300 on a new set. Merci!
  7. We had the very same concerns and must say none of them have been realised. We moved on to the Apex from a Noritsu 3001 and have not had even 1 comment leave alone complaint of the print quality. Infact we have been able to use the "benefits" of dye sub, ie water and tear resistant etc.etc. We definitely dont miss all the mixing of the chemistry and the smell...
  8. Hi all, Ive just put in a plasma Tv instore for displaying products and services, and was wondering if there are any interesting video loops which members could share. Are there any initiatives that have worked well?. Cheers!
  9. I think branding is quite important too at the moment. i am a Kodak Express and I have benifitted greatly from the Kodak name above my door. I have a Snappy snaps and an independant photo store within a 5 minute walk, and another snappy about 15 mins away. Granted that the support from kodak could be better, and that I am not in accordance with everything Tetenal and Kodak say...I believe that for the sums involved ie the license fee and certain other commitments, I dont think that you could get as much awareness.
  10. Is anybody working with First Retail Ltd. from NewZealand. I am quite interested in what they have to offer and was wondering if anybody was dealing with them. cheers..
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  12. I use Plusnet...Excellent service and a comprehensive website. www.plus.net If you do sign up please let me know as i get some money of my bill. regards
  13. Thanks guys..thats great food for thought...just been offered a Canon 2620 with rip for £650 (second hand ofcourse).. do you think its worth it or best to wait for a bigger machine?
  14. I have recently started to offer printing services such as business cards, letterheads etc..is anybody else offering these services..At present I outsource the work to the local printers ,but wouldnt mind investing in a small digital press if theres enough work.Dont really know a lot about what is required.. ,so any help is appreciated.Also if anybody has any POS or window posters regarding these services, please could you post them on the forum Thanks
  15. I guess you are right...hope it all blows over soon