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  1. Banding in RP-50 LED ( Kodak )

    Hi again; Suddenly, our RP-50 LED printer prints making banding; any ideas about what can we do? I have cleaned the bars which support the drum, and the bands become smaller, but still exist. You can see the file. Regards. J.A.
  2. Clips for Kreonite

    Hi ! We have a RP-50 Led printer by Kodak; for developing uses a Kreonite processor;can anybody tell us how can we get plastic clips for shafts? Kind regards. J.A.
  3. Hi, again; In our area, social events have decreased dramatically; less weddings, and less prints per wedding; only few clients order digital albums. 10 years ago this bussines was very important, and 20 years ago, most important; 30 years ago was a good bussines. I suspect that only a few clients make prints "in situ" with dye sublimation printer, because most of the guests use their own digital cameras. May be depend of geographical areas. You have realize that our country is getting most and most poor every year. We have about 5000000 of unemployeds, and increasing... Regards.
  4. Hi, from Spain! As industrial photolab,we work for retailers in 60 km. around; in our area lots of them simply survive ( like us, by the way!). Most of retailers have to go out to cover social events ( weddings and so on...) because they can´t earn enough money waiting people come into their shops. Some of them have bought expensive inkjet machines for printing a small amount of prints; they have buy envelopes, ink cartridges, paper, pay the bank, and spent their time printing in that way; they prefer to do that, instead of sending their files to us for printing in photo paper ( chemical, of course) in a professional way. Can´t understand that. In this athmosphere, although Kodak have increased prices, we can´t transfer increase to our clients. I don´t know that´s happening in other areas. Regards.
  5. Hi from Spain; In Spain, Kodak doesn´t exist practically for their clients of traditional labs ( ...few survivers...) . We have had some problems using Supra Endura VC paper (in RP-50LED), and we are still waiting some help...from several months. I think it´s not a good idea for any company this way to do the things. I´m sure lots of you can write a thick book telling similar experiences...