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  1. Dear Sir

    Can U give me the Fujifilm MSP48 download link



    1. German Tirado Montoya

      German Tirado Montoya

      also i ned it the msp48 here is my mail thank you, 


  2. Dear Friends, I need Canon IPF-6450 parts list PDF at earliest. Thanks uclbph@gmail.com
  3. uclbph

    Epson SL d700/Frontier S Ridicolous durability

    Dear friend, Do U have Order controller Serial no ? can u share with me ? uclbph@rediffmail.com
  4. uclbph

    Epson SL d700/Frontier S Ridicolous durability

    The decompression pump supplies ink from ink cartridges to ink dampers in the print head. its function is to continusly supply ink to print head. if it fails to do so than nozzel out occur. you call the tech & they replace printhead. it is not a print head problem. it is the problem of decompression pump. here is the decomp pump of 3880 & 4900 series printer.
  5. uclbph

    Epson SL d700/Frontier S Ridicolous durability

    Dear, There is a serious problem in the machine . The decompression pump does not work properly. replace it. problem will be solved. Thanks
  6. uclbph

    Fuji Dx100 with Epson Order controller

    Dear Sir Can i have the Order controller Activation Key ? Thank U
  7. uclbph

    Epson d700 using Frontier S Software ?

    sir, Kindly mail me the Order Controller 3.2. It will be very helpful to me Thanking U uclbph@rediffmail.com
  8. I need MS01 . kindly mail me the link Thank u uclbph@rediffmail.com
  9. uclbph

    Surelab D700 service manual

    Dear all, I need service manual of Surelab D700 or Fuji Dx100 Kindly PM me. Thanks.
  10. uclbph

    Fuji DX100 air in ink lines

    @ purnomosetiawan do you have Surelab D700 service manual Kindly PM me uclbph
  11. uclbph

    Ink Cartridge errors

    where to get external programmer ?