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  1. MS11

    Dear Forum members. Does anyone have MS11 2.0? I need to reinstall my scanner PC. Already have MS01 4.2 Best wishes, Erik
  2. Dear Minilab forum, I'm having a problem with a fuji fp230 - CN16Q process, please see attached image. There's small dots / blotches on the developed negative, that's most visible when I develop 120. Not visible on light table with loupe. Seems like it's on the whole negative from edge to edge. Retained silver? Bad bleach / fix? Old film? Please advice.
  3. Gpa23 Failure - E-4241

    The self diagnostic reports: GPA23 Memory Check Result GPA No: 1 GPA Slot: 3 DSP 1:NG ErrorCode = 1 DSP 2: OK DSP 3: OK DSP 4: OK GPA No: 2 GPA Slot: 4 DSP 1:NG ErrorCode = 4 DSP 2: OK DSP 3: OK DSP 4: OK
  4. Gpa23 Failure - E-4241

    Dear Minilab help. I'm getting errors from a standalone SP3000, indicating an error in a memory bank of GPA23. Errorcode: E-4241 Do we need to replace GPA23? Or could it be something else? Do they burn out? Kind regards, Erik
  5. Hi, anyone selling: 1: manual mask for 135mm 2: half format insert for auto carrier? (the small metal part for the gate) for SP3000. Please email erik@erikwahlstrom.se Thank you.
  6. Sp-3000 Scanning With A Strange Pattern

    Yep, I've seen it too on 120 on my SP3000. For some reason, using dust removal / ICE creates that type of artifacts every once and while. Don't really know why, but setting it to LOW or even off removes the problem.
  7. Thanks a lot - I've replaced the heater and everything works good now. Thank you so much for the help.
  8. Measured resistance across sensor, got 2.74 MΩ, and 350Ω across a known good one. What do you think?
  9. Thank you Yustas, what exactly to look for? best, erik
  10. Dear Minilab forum, I have a problem when I start up a FP230B. It reports NQS1 Temperature Abnormal, 51C. Temperature of solution is 25C in tank. What to do? All the best, Erik
  11. Dear Minilab forum. Thanks a lot for the help with the stuck pump. The machine is now in working order. My next question: I'm trying to troubleshoot the source of length wise scratches on 135 mm film, both lanes. 1: all rollers are clean, and looks / feels good 2: all racks works OK 3: When I run a roll of 120 through the machine, it is completely scratch free. 4: But with 135mm, both lanes is scratched, on the upward facing side (not emulsion side). My question: what are the common areas to look for dirt / stuck rollers etc? Basically, how do I find the source of scraching? Best, Erik
  12. I've got a replenisher pump (n4) not working on a fp230b. I get 100v across the wires when operating and i've checked the connections. Do i need a replacement, and what might it cost? Or is there any other trick in the book? The issue came after having the machine off for a while. Best,
  13. Service / Installation Manuals Pdf For Fp 230

    Thank you. I've emailed you directly, Best, Erik
  14. Does anyone have documentation for a FP 230? I'm in the process of buying a used one, and it is missing all documentation. Best, Erik
  15. Hi forum, I'm looking for half frame mask for an auto carrier SP3000. I'm also wondering if there is a fuji och third part modified full frame mask (to scan the whole negative including a bit of the black frame) for the auto carrier 135mm. I'm located in Stockholm, Sweden. Erik