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Foto Vandevenne

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  1. Hello , this is Anton from Belgium and i have a Konica R2 super 1000 minilab.

    I have the following problem : the ecojet drum of the R2 is continue in proces even when i set the machine in idle mode.  I have tried to reset the machine on the CPU board but still  have the same problem. Can you help me please ? The CPU board is probatly broken and i don't know how to fix it.

    Kind regards





    1. Foto Vandevenne

      Foto Vandevenne

      My emailadress : info@foto-vandevenne.be

  2. Thanks Jorm, Can you tell me which paper is best for DKS 1710?
  3. Hello everyone , Can someone give me advise. I'm planning to bye a used minilab Kis DKS 1710 from a failure. Is it a good minilab compere to other brands like fuji or noritsu? At this moment i have a Konica R2 super 1000 . Can i get technical support in Belgium or the Netherlands? Anu comment on the DKS 1710 is welcome. Thanks