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  1. Good morning Sir, my name is Juan Carlos, I need all softwares and manual install, manual service for  printer DX100 

    do you have this?

    I hope your answer

    Best regards...

  2. Fujifilm Kiosk Connection

    you have an email from me
  3. Ms01 V4.2

    You need the msp 48 update package : MSP48 Frontier-S Printer Software for MSV4.2 Ver. - it is not for free. please contact your fujifilm distributor in our land, for buy of this package. if you need help for installation, I can aide you via teamviewer for free, but I can't give you the msp48.
  4. Fujifilm Kiosk Connection

    Explication for remote registery settings Connect to Frontend running Windows 7 (MS 4.0 or later) If you try to connect to a Frontend running with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system it is first of all necessary to grant ‘Frontier’ user permission for connecting to frontend’s Registry. Due to the high security restrictions of Windows 7 settings must be changed before you can connect with FDIA connection to the frontend. Otherwise connection from print-it/FDIA-plug-in will be refused with an error. Please login with Administrator privileges on your Microsoft Windows 7 Frontend PC and perform the following steps: 1. Please open ‘Control Panel’ 2. Open ‘System and Security’ 3. Open ‘Adminstration’ 4. Select ‘Services’ 5. In the list of services look for ‘Remote Registry’ and open it 6. Start service ‘Remote Registry’ by clicking on ‘Start’ 7. Set startup type of service ‘Remote Registry’ to ‘Auto’ 8. Close screen by clicking ‘OK’ 9. Close all ‘Control Panel’ windows After you have finished these steps you can continue to configure print-it on your order-it kiosk -------------------------------------------------------- last plug in 662 fida frontrier connection: https://www.dropbox.com/s/32w7h2rfzevdw0m/Frontier_Connection_v662.zip?dl=0
  5. Fujifilm Kiosk Connection

    Please check also wath for a plug in is installed. You need for ms an fida plug in. If you had an lios plug in.It don't worked. I can send you the right plug in. I know also an other error it is possible that the remote registry is not activated in ms server. Please check it.
  6. Fujifilm Kiosk Connection

    Yes it must work. The connection is not changed between ms 3.1 to 4.1. It is always the same way If you need help I can give you the last print-it plug in for 6.x. Also is it possible that you network communication has an error. Please check the IP configuration of our kiosk. 6.6.2 is an verry old software but it must work. The last version is 9.6.x if you need help let me know it
  7. Frontier S Dx100

    About the driver question: fist: for photoshop you need the "Frontier-S Printer Driver V111" these driver has 2 profiles for photoshop. two: to can use ist with MS Software you need the driver and also an PUD software for printer management from Fujifilm. Also exist an solution to can it use at each pc with order software, "Fujifim oder-it lite" can be installed on each system Win7 32/64 Bit Pro/Enter./Ulti. There are a lot of templates inside for the dx100 printer like: banners, cards, id photo etc... Also is "Fujifim oder-it lite" usable with other output devices: LFP/Minilab/onsiteprint/xerox printers/CD & DVD Burning/PDF or jepg export, etc
  8. Frontier S Dx100

    4x6 in / 10x15CM = 0,07 Euro = 0,10 Dollar +/-
  9. Fuji Order-it V 7.0

    Hello i can you help, if your terminal has a internet connection, and he is not older than 5 years it is possible to installed the last version 8.4.6 of orderit.