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      2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
      With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
      We would now consider the sale of this web site, please contact us if you wish to discuss. 


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  1. Admin Password for 3011

    Thanks to all of you for taking time to read and reply! The password I'm not having luck with is the windows log in password. I can't get past the windows admin log on screen. Service password I'm covered for either using the password generator as I usually do, or good old 2260. This is not a Kodak DLS, but rather a plain old workhorse 3011. I have all of the original disks except the windows 2000 program disk. The suggestion of a hard drive failure is surely a possibility, and as they both are SCSI drives, lots of luck with that! Can I use the much more common ISA drives, as the ,machine appears to have the cabling with unused connectors...it connects the Zip 200 drive, which I never use. I now have fired the machine up, and am going to try the 22. (no luck) The specific error message is: system32/ntoskrnl.exe Status 0xc000000f "windows failed to load because the kernel is missing or corrupt"
  2. Help! Recently, when I fired up the 3011 for the day, it came up asking for the administrator pass word, the first time I remember seeing this. I tried the usual suspects, 2260, 1234, 0123, admin, even <enter>. Any idea if there is a standard non volatile password in the software? I do have the recovery disks that came with the machine, but they don't do the job...I get a kernel missing or corrupt error message, or perhaps I'm proceeding incorrectly. Even tried a couple of Windows password recovery utilities, with the same result...and a message "no hashes found". I'm stumped! Please help!! Neil
  3. Chemicals Noritsu V30

    I too have a V-30, and am really happy with it, running only Kodak chemistry. They are now selling a LU developer for C-41 process, in a 5 liter mix it is 823 1672 which works out very well, as the LU is for Low Utilization. Although we generally process 30-40 rolls a day. Considering the cost, I don't believe I would bother careful storage of the fixer, as it is cheap. My opinion would be to look for a Noritsu T-15 processor if you are using only 35mm, and consider a PhotoTherm Sidekick for really low use. We have one we use mostly for black and white, and for push processing C-41. Running a test strip, which we do every day, is a very good plan. Just load it into one of the plastic cartridges such as you use for medium format, attach it to a leader card, and develop it. By the way, we have had our best results and lowest overall cost using Kodak chemistry. Using the C-41RA bleach which is RTU and pricey, has proven to be not necessary.Finally, your V30 replenisher tanks hold slightly over 10 liters each, so I would add developer to the tank only when prompted, and then only a couple of liters, in order to keep it fresh.
  4. 3501 Not Advancing Images Consistently

    Thank you Kodak Service for your suggestion. I tried the auto adjust on the 3011 first, as it was not being used at the moment, but cannot say I dee any difference. SO, It must be rollers. I am sorry to admit it, but am unsure of which rollers; the ones in the film holders, or something in the exposure section of the machine(s)? Thank you, Neil
  5. Greetings! I've recently run into a problem with what I believe is film advance, based on the space between images on the negatives. Specifically, in printing double frame 35mm negs or "FPS" everything starts off fine, but as the roll progresses, the between negative space creeps from right to left on the screen, ending up in the middle of the image. this is after going through the adjustments in the initial centering screen. This machine is using the S1-!! scanner. To make matters worse, we have the same problem, or one that appears to be the same, with the 3011, using the S-1200 scanner, which also gives these results when printing 645 frames from 120 film. I am thinking it might come from the machine not recognizing the space between frames, due to possible fog, or possibly from the longer space of around 8mm between frames? Is there an adjustment procedure for this? HELP! Many thanks for your attention! Neil W.
  6. Fuji Dp Ii Paper

    Assuming you are using a Noritsu machine, there is a utility to address this problem. Go into the menu screen, and select "Emulsion number change", then click on the appropriate paper width and magazine number for the surface and paper type you have installed. The routine will ask for calibration of the colorimiter (on older machines it asks you to insert the calibration plate) When the set up print comes out, follow the directions on the screen. The machine will try adjusting three times, and if the problem is not entirely gone, run the routine again. All this assumes you run your daily or weekly setup using a different paper, or you probably wouldn't be asking. good Luck Neil W.
  7. I have a couple of customers who wish me to scan and print their pano negatives, but cannot find the necessary setting to do so. I have a choice of using either the 3011 with S-1200 scanner and ANM, or the 3501 with the S1-II scanner. What do I need to do in order to add this to the drop down menu, which currently offers full frame and half frame? As always, many thanks!! Neil W.
  8. A3200549 Slide Carrier For S1200 Scanner

    THANK YOU Minilab Service!! Although I do not have such an adjustment chart, but I do have an old fashioned "focus" slide used for slide projectors, so perhaps that will serve. If not, I do have some thin slides, one of which will probably work. Do you sell such items? If so, please quote with US shipping. Again, Thank You! I'm going to try this Thursday night when things quiet down in the lab! Neil W.
  9. Help With 135/240 Amc-Ii

    My suggestion, under the category of "It worked for me" would be to 1)make sure the light path is clean and dust free 2)Uncheck to Pixel Magic box. This was sufficient to make my 240/135 mask work correctly. It went right into the light source setup and LED brightness adjustment. I've never actually seen these tools, but have seen the 1313 error with the 35mm slide mask, but have no cure as yet!
  10. I recently purchased the scanner for 35mm slides. which is pretty odd to me, and I have not been able to find any dope on it, even from the always dependable minilab laser site. Does anyone know about this, or have installation or operator instructions? I'm using it on my 3011. Also, I get a "not focused" error when I try it, and have noticed that it does not have the frosted glass at the light entry point as do my other carriers for this scanner. Is it needed? Possibly has something to do with the focus issue? Likewiswe, if it is a needed part of this unit, where may I buy one without the pain of buying it from Noritsu? Many thanks as always! Neil W
  11. Greetings! I am trying to get my newly purchased QSS-3011 with S-1200 scanner up and running, and have a couple of problems (thus far) when re-assembling it after getting it to the lab, I find that I cannot get the machine to recognize the scanner, and the scanner keeps flashing red, although the negative carrier is in place. I can see where service/installation manuals would be a wonderful thing! I do have paper copies of the usual books given to purchasers, and a CD of the parts manual. What I do have is the initial data floppies for the LPP-1200, disk 1 and 2, and also the CDs "System program kit Ver 7.14" and "Main system software Ver K001" plus several other CDs, but none appear to be manuals. H E L P ! In advance, Many thanks!!
  12. Kodak Control Strips

    I buy mine from South Point Photo Supply in Dallas, TX. They carry the Fuji test strips in stock. I'm assuming you want the ones to test your chemistry, which are for CP-40/43FA/47L/48S/49E all of which are RA-4 as far as processing media is concerned. They are item number 15485310, so you should be able to get them from your paper supplier. The last box I bought was $42.93 US and the expiration is August of next year. They are www.southpointphoto.com
  13. I'm trying to set the resolution received from the S1-II film scanner to higher than "medium" seen on my 3501 when scanning to a CD or DVD. For some reason, it seems to be stuck on 1024x1536, which the screen calls "Medium", which in turn says to me that higher or lower "should" be optional. Other than that, I'm pretty well delighted with this, my first venture into a digital lab. and of course, the pixels are visible to the naked eye on an 8x10 print, so perhaps that issue will go away also with higher film scanner resolution? Thank you again for the help as always!! Neil W.
  14. Greetings again! Once again I return to what has proven to be a virtual fount of knowledge, for help! First, I'm still trying to initialize the flat bed scanner (Epson PerfectionV700 PHOTO) on my machine, so that I may scan 120 film, photos and so on. Also need it for proper setup, of course. Here's what I have done, and what I know (which is a shorter list) The machine recognizes the presence of the scanner, and tries to install it. Not finding the driver on board, it asks me to "Install disk attached to ITB chart" I have no clue at this point. Contacting Epson support, they told me to download a driver package, V3.920, which I tried to do, but Epson's clever software gave an error message, telling me I had the wrong driver as Windows 7 was detected, and commenced to download 40 megs of files, and install them on my desktop computer! (I tried hooking the scanner upo to a convenient USP port on my desktop computer, it initialized right away, and works beautifully.) so far, I now know the scanner works as it should. I tried copying the filt to a CD, and loading it to the 3501 while in Windows mode, with no luck. Called Epson Driver support to purchase a copy of the real disk, and was told that there is no driver for Windows 2000 for that scanner! Funny thing...it was supplied as OEM equipment! Contacted the tech support guys and they told me to use the driver for Windows XP, as it is functionally the same as 2000. told them about the Windows 7 deal, and they suggested going on line with the machine that has the scanner attached to it. Sounded like a good idea to me. AH HA! Here's a new problem! I took the top off the machine, and plugged a CAT5 Ethernet cable into the existing jack, and connected the opposite end to my network hub. Green and yellow lights flashing on the 3501 computer network jack, so it must be talking. Tried everything I know of to get it on line, but to no avail. Even "computers near me" came back with only the PC in the 3501. How on earth do I make it work on the Internet? Apparently the previous owner made changes to prevent the help from browsing the internet at work, but possibly connect to an internal network. Any one have any clues as to how I can dig myself out of this hole? As always, I shall be extremely grateful for any help available! Thanks again! Neil W.
  15. Here I am again! My recently purchased QSS 3501SM came with a flatbed scanner, which I have not been able to activate. It connects via USB to the PC in the machine, cnad when booting up in the AM, the :PC tells me "new hardware found" and lists the scanner. However, it asks me for the scanner install/driver disk, which of course, I don't have. I tried Epson support, and they told me to download the files 15196.exe V3.920, which I did...this did not work, even though the tech support guy e-mailed me explicit instructions. So, I tried ordering the required disks from Epson, which they claim to offer at only $9.95US. Called them to order, and they tell me that there is no drivers for Windows 2000 pro. this seems really odd to me, as Noritsu shipped the V700 Photo as factory equipment. I think part of the problem could be that the O/S on my desktop is Windows 7, and even though I checked of Windows 2000 the epson server didn't believe me.... This brings up another question for those of you much brighter than myself on this machine...How exactly do I connect the 3501 to the internet via our network? And, once I get everything tuned up and running, I want to also connect my CT2-MD in there, too. "Shouldn't" be a problem? At least I have a full array of disks and books for the CT2. It was previously used with a 2701. Any help causing me to work myself out of this tight spot would be GREATLY appreciated! And by the way, the T-15 and the 2611 are now working as they should, thanks in no part to this forum! Regards, Neil W.