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  1. replacing my Dlab2

    Hi guys, I have decided to replace my working dlab2 (gas laser) with a drylab. Unfortunately the cost of running/maintaining the beast is now not viable. The result is that I will be removing loads of parts from it next week that I will be selling. I am not listing specifics here, but if you require anything please call me on 01299 827813 or email on stourport.photo@btconnect.com Prices can be discussed. Cheers Richard
  2. Epson d700 using Frontier S Software ?

    Morning bud, There are other options for the D700 than the Epson Order Manager or the Fuji software. When I purchased D700 three years ago I naturally looked at the Epson Order Manager, but found it rather 'clunky' so quickly discounted that. I was at the time using a piece of software within my lab that came as part of some Agfa software known as d-studio so that I could fulfil work for a school photographer with all their wierd sizes and packages. The part of this software that I was using was the RIP control side, but it is waaaayyyy more than just a RIP. I spoke to the guy who wrote this software and he confirmed that I would be able to connect the D700s no problem. This software has been written by a guy who is active on these forums, but I do not think it right to promote his wares openly on here without his permission. If you PM me I am more than happy to give you all his details so that you can contact him directly. I currently run two D700s (one for gloss and one for lustre) and an Agfa Dlab2 for my general printing needs. Images sent from my Kiosks are distributed to the appropriate printer depending on print size and qualtity of prints in order. Within the settings there are various different options for borders, no borders, package prints, backprint(if printer able), receipts etc plus many many more. Options to use output printer profiles. There are so many options with this software that I can't really mention them all here. I have it running on Windows 7 64bit, but as far as I am aware it will run on W10 as well. One option that I do not use as I print all my big stuff manually from Photoshop, is that this software will connect to a large format printer as well. PM me and will give you his details. You will not be disapointed. Richard ***EDIT*** I have just posted this and looks like someone posted just before me about same person.
  3. Docking Problem

    No images attached
  4. Icc Profile For Dlab1

    I currently have a dlab2, but up until 2015 had dlab1 as well. Using an ICC profile is absolutely essential to get the best from both of these printers. Without a profile, the images on the dlab1 will generally be slightly flat, red and lifeless. The only issue you will have is that using a bespoke profile will not guarantee bright vivid colours if the images that you throw at the printer are not bright and vivid in the first place. The idea of any printer profile is to give prints that look like the image does on a correctly calibrated monitor. I will assume that you are running everything within a fully colour managed environment where all monitors are correctly calibrated and all printer profiles are current and correct. If you are not doing this, you need to if you wish to have prints match the monitors. So let's assume that all is good with your setup. If the prints from the dlab match the monitor image as close as possible, bearing in mind that reds & yellows are generally slightly muted, it means that the profile is working and giving the results it is designed to do. Please remember that it is physically impossible to achieve a 100% match due to colour gamut limitations of monitors and printers. If however they match the monitor but you want them to be far more vivid/saturated and brighter than they are, you are after something that a profile alone will not give you. If this is the case you will need to have some sort of image enhancement as well as having an ICC profile. This enhancement can be achieved with the dlab and if you are interested in something like this, ping me a message and I will reply. If you need new profiles making for the dlab I can help you with that as I currently make them for several other dlab users. Get back to me if you need any more help Richard
  5. Show Desktop In D-Lab1 ???

    I don't know of a way to show the windows desktop as on a normal pc, but you can get access to the windows explorer if you need to get to any files or control panel etc. I sold my d1 last year but I from memory it works the same as my d2 and the sequence is as follows. With a keyboard and mouse plugged in hold the left ALT key down and tap the left CTRL three times. That will bring up a small 'Watchdog' box. On that box click on CONTROL then on the next box click EXECUTE. Once done that you can then click on the HIDE button. DO NOT click the exit button as the d1 may shutdown if you do. You should now have the usual windows explorer box on show. Simply click the X in the explorer window to close when finished.
  6. Dlab1 Licence Key Activate

    If that is the case you should be able to manually enter the code. Before doing any of the following, make sure you make a backup of all your settings. Once all settings saved do the following:- Go SETTINGS/MACHINE SETTINGS/INSTALL SOFTWARE Highlight the one that you want to do (File Print) and click INSTALL and you should then be asked to enter the code If the code is correct you will be good to use File Print
  7. Dlab1 Licence Key Activate

    The licence key for the machine is ONLY for the D-Lab software. Any addons such as File Print, Index, Slide Print etc all have their own licence keys. If the machine originally had the facility for File Print the key would have been provided in an email from Agfa and not on a CD. If you don't have that I think your only option would be to contact SAAL in Germany or poss Minilab Factory in the States. What they charge I don't know but usually anything to do with Agfa is not cheap.
  8. D-Lab 2 Install Disk 2.2 And Lab 8.50

    Gareth, give me a call and I can sort you out. Number on website.
  9. D-Lab 2 Install Disk 2.2 And Lab 8.50

    Where are you Gareth????
  10. Tech Support In Uk

    Hi AKSK. Veritek are the guys in the UK. Phone number is 08443358045
  11. Hi guys. You may remember that last year I posted saying I had been approached by one Jonathan Leatham from Newtownabbey, N Ireland trying to obtain sample prints. It was obvious that he was a 'lab hopper' and only out for free prints to furnish his business. Sadly one of my friends fell foul to his little scam and ended up sending some prints. Well today I received the following as an email from ARCHVALE PHOTOGRAPHY:- " Dear Sir/Madam We recently seen your website online and as we are currently in the market to appoint a photo lab as the lab we formerly used had sadly ceased trading. We have been awarded a contract to supply souvenir and gift shops with mounted and framed photography and have been given the remit obtain the best quality prints which I believe your company will be able to offer With that in mind we were wondering if you would be prepared to submit some 12 x 8" test prints if we were to supply you some of our images as we would need to be confident that your prints will meet our and our customers high standards. Could you also send me your full price list and send us a trade account application form with your tender? Kind regards nathan " I know the name at the bottom is 'nathan' but don't believe that. The dead giveaway is the business name as Jonathan Leathem from last year lives in ARCHVALE GARDENS. Now, apart from the fact that this Jonathan Leathem is a ****ing idiot, he obviously thinks UK lab owners are as well. If you get an email like this, DO NOT SEND him any prints. Please feel free to send this message to anyone who may get drawn in by the hollow promise of future work. He cant be very cleaver if he has sent it to me again after I told him to **** OFF last year. Call me if you have any questions. Richard
  12. D Lab2 Printing Workflow Problem

    Hi Data, I have a d2 and d1 but my d2 is used almost exclusively for pro work which I convert to my printer profile prior to sending to dlab and printing using fileprint. If using the d2 for general customers work, you will find that results may not be as good as they could be unless images are enhanced and converted to the profile for the dlab prior to printing. If you are doing all the editing/enhancement work in Lightroom or Photoshop it will be VERRRRRRRRY time consuming. You say that you do not use an kiosk. That is not a problem. There is a very powerful program that Agfa used to sell called d-studio that will help you enormously. d-studio itself can be a little complicated and slow, but there is an interface that runs behind d-studio called Foto Control that really is the 'dog's wotsits' when it comes to ease of use and functionallity. It can be setup so that you have a series of 'Hot' folders that you can simply drop the images into and these images are then automatically enhanced and profiled and then sent to the dlab as a Network Order. The person who wrote this little gem is active on this forum so you could start my contacting him. His name is SHERWOOD. I am sure that SHERWOOD will read this and contact you anyway. should you have any questions about FotoControl give me a shout.
  13. Hi Dennis, Please don't take this the wrong way, but you must be barmey only charging 7p per print, no matter how many they have. Look at it this way. Paper and chemicals are costing approx 3.8p inc VAT. If your printer does 600 6x4s per hour that means you are running it for all of £19.20 per hour and out of that you have to take electric, wages etc etc. At that price, if you are actually making £5 or £6 per hour I would be amazed. I charge no less than 10p per 6x4. We can not compare our prices with what boots etc charge as they don't really care too much if they don't turn a profit on the photo side so long as they have bums on seats in the store so they can sell something else to them.
  14. Hi guys, Back in June this year I had an email from a Jonathan Leathem in Newtown Abbey, Northern Ireland saying he had seen my website and liked the look of what we could do for pro photographers. Reading his email he was saying that he was a photographer and was looking to change supplier for printed photographs, of which there would be many as he already had contracts that we could print if our work was up to scratch, but that he also had connections with a camera club(the name escapes me, but was something like Gorseley) and it's members also had substantial amounts printed. On the face of it, it all sounded good and I could poss end up with a bunch of work. However, he was asking for sample prints on various paper types etc. Not a problem usually as I will print 4-6 images on wet, silver halide paper FREE for potential new customers. If a potential new customer wants samples on other papers/canvas I do these at 50% price, but they can then redeem that cost against their first proper order, thereby making the test prints FREE. This guy was having none of that. He said that it was his company's policy that whatever sample prints they had, no matter what type, they did not pay for. Upon further investigation he was looking to have 20+ sample prints done and when I explained that it was NOT my company's policy to provide everything for FREE, and also that 20+ prints is a totally unreasonable amount anyway as no one needs that many to judge someone's printing quality he got rather arsey. After googleing this guy I found a website(if you can call it that) for him and also other entries that he has a graphics company. Also it looks like he is an ex school teacher and currebtly a music teacher from a music shop. Don't know why he is an EX teacher at his age, but can guess. Anyway, the upshot is that I politely told him to ***s off and did not do his prints. A Pro lab local to me fell into his trap and did one lot of samples before telling him the same. Yesterday another friend (member on here) asked if I had heard of this joker as he had been approached to do some sample prints. HE IS DOING THE ROUNDS by the looks of it so beware. My gut feeling is that he is trying to use us to do his, or someone else's work for nothing and I was having none of that. If any of you get approached by him please make it plain that we are all aware of what his game is. Richard
  15. File print settings

    It all depends on what they were set to on your external PC when the dlab was installed. If a folder was not set up to receive files FROM the dlab1 (it looks like you have one set up to send files TO the dlab) you need to set one up. Where are you in the world. If in UK give me a call (01299827813) and I can explain. Richard