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  1. ez controller error

    Hello ! excuse me because I misunderstood my question. I wanted to know what this error means and how to proceed to solve it. i have a qss green II and by installing the 6.40 version of ez controller the machine showed me this message, what should i do? where can I download the ezcontroller installation manual
  2. ez controller error

    IS SOME ONE KNOW 15010-00003 ERROR ? (ez controller qss greenII)
  3. ez controller error

    my ez controller version is 6.40 and my minilab is qss green II
  4. ez controller error

    some one can resolve this message: 15010-00003 ez controller error (Noritsu green II)
  5. When I try to print the photos, the machine cuts the paper and takes it to the input of the exposure unit and after it shows me error 06681 - 00005 communication network error. It cuts off all communication even the ping no longer passes. It must restart the machine so that it is again on line How to correct this error? The communication is good until you want to print a photo just when you want to print error 06681- 00005 appears
  6. C10 software wanted

    I have C10 too
  7. FE Installation Manual

    Me too where can I download the FE Installation Manuel? How to connect SP 3000 with FRONTIER 355 ( in FDI we use C4 C5)