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  1. relaxia

    damage epson dks 1500

    No. If your card failed, I am pretty sure not due to your resistor add on. changing resistor will not repair card.
  2. relaxia

    Im1500 scsi interface

    SCSI 2930 card
  3. relaxia

    Dks1550 Lamp Burn Out Message

    yea i noticed that too late. Id doesnt change fact tht i still have PS. And heard about the problem with Mexico bulb as well - It seems that resistance of these bulbs is higher than original Germany manufactured lamps - but is not aware of that and reads this as "burn out" . it must be possible to set somewhere in program - but how does it work and where to look ... no idea yet.
  4. relaxia

    Dks1550 Lamp Burn Out Message

    U sold your machine already ? I have new PSU for sell - mail me if interested much less than 299 GPB
  5. relaxia

    Dks1550 Archive Folder Question

    as PC admin YOu can change drive letters and Assign D: to SSD Drive - in in system management
  6. relaxia

    Dks3 Prints Have A Bluish Greenish Overall Hue

    Did you manipulate with lens ?? when focus is not right - sharpness - photos can have green hue...
  7. relaxia

    Developer Pump Does Not Replenish Dks1710

    Dirty sensors usually dos not affect level readings. But foam touching sensors and blocked overflow hole .. yes for sure. think now where this foam came from this will be main problem.
  8. relaxia

    Dks 1550 Issue And Question

    Jonapot Kivanok Steven ( andy my Hungarian depleted ) I would bet on relays however sof could create different effects. Adamwoo did swap pc to better - look for post about this topic...
  9. relaxia

    Circulation Pump For 1710

    KenTen ... take a look on picture... this one is BURNED. oiling won't help
  10. relaxia

    Error During The Densitometer Measurement

    fiber optic cable could be badly positioned or broken. check if it is properly fixed in the densitometer.
  11. relaxia

    Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    I spoke today with my client (prompt action - machine failed - LCD stepmotor shaft broke down...) and asked about the algaes. I must say I didnt know about this too much since I had poor field experience but problem exists and is quite important. Friend solved problem using the reverse osmosis filter. So all water which goes to the machine is filtered by the reverse osmosis filter - fresh water for tanks and also supply water. no glones and algaes inside or - if machine is not exploited too much - the process is very slow. from the caravaning experience - if you pass the water through silver plate or small net or even neck chain - the algae grow will be also much much slower.
  12. relaxia

    Exposure Lamp

    Lamp does not require ANY reset. just plug new one and put it right in the place. If you put new lamp and still have "burnt out" message - check if lamp contacts are OK but first of all - check the thermal fuse near lamp is OK.
  13. relaxia

    Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    One remark more. u said "Middle STAB tank"... Water is dosed from the same source to all sections. U should have problem in all STAB sections, or at least 2nd and 3rd if we take into account that first one is always getting BL/FIX. It's not the water. check overflow pipe is not blocked...
  14. relaxia

    Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    Check and replace filters. regular way.Also check if your turbines on the tank's bottom are working. no circulation could be issue. First time hearing you have algaes in stab tank - unless temperatures are very high and you could not have very much work to do.
  15. relaxia

    Kodak System 89. Dks 1500

    Crazy... This is very interesting when people try to do things they have no idea about. Man - could you name the board you have replaced ? No? so WHY you touched it if you don't know what's the service ? This is piezo board, it's a MSB driver responsible for resolution. HAS NOTHING COMMON with the lamp. Put back the old board on place. If u have burnt cables just replace harness, resolder them with insulation, try to add-repair with the cables of the same or bigger diameter. Better clean this mess then check your machine and call us again. And remember - it is better to ask first, then act. Skilled forum members would focus only on the machine faults, not on mistakes you have created.