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  1. Big Dave

    Mini Lab Help - New Owners

    Who's the new owner(s) ??
  2. Awesome answer - thank you ! We need to trade email addresses !!
  3. Hey all, Someone asked me if there is a difference in the parts manuals from the regular V50 and the "V50A" -- (never heard of the V50A before) Thanks all !
  4. Big Dave

    Brochure of QSS-39 series

    Awesome ! Let us know how it works out for you.
  5. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Hi Dave S, Replenishment pump output amount checks - looks mostly good. Maybe under replenishing a tiny little bit. previously: CD = 60.0 / BF = 58.1 / STB = 111.0 NOW: CD = 58.3 / BF = 57.0 / STB = 113.3 - each run 4 times, measured and divided by 4 As far as the SSD TRIM function, there are quite a few others that have mentioned that they are running on older OS' with SSDs and not having issues after use for over 2 years -- and these were posts from 2015. This article, from 2015, seems to say that even without TRIM, it might wear out your SSD a little faster, but nothing to really worry about. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/04/ask-ars-my-ssd-does-garbage-collection-so-i-dont-need-trim-right/ The SanDisk I installed was bought in 2017, so should be good for at least another 10 years - unless it has a catastrophic failure at some point -- it was on sale when I bought it ! -- advertised as an 80 GB drive, 75 GB total with 64 GB free. -- lots of spare cells to use. I can swap SSD to HDD if you think that's a plausible suspect in this data corruption. Thanks !
  6. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Chemistry seems to be OK, no major ups or downs on the daily setups (sorry, we don't run control strips). Chem usage is good, but I will double check the pump output amounts later today. Colorimeter unit and position is good -- Only issue is the calibration plate is a bit on the old side. -- Last replaced back in Oct of 2009. TRIM isn't/can't be enabled on Win2K (from what I could find out) but no un-healthy side effects from it so far. Other people say that the system might be a little slower, but it's more than fast enough for us. The usable space has not deviated at all in the past 8 months - that I can tell, but I've not really thought about it. -- I do have a good working HDD inside the machine, if the SSD ever fails, I just have to move the SATA/power cable from the SSD to the HDD, do a system restore and we're back up. BTW, it's an 80GB SanDisk SSD, not 128gb.
  7. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Ok, less 8 days later, the problem has returned. Performed another data restore - and this DID FIX IT. The question now, is why ? Why did it happen again, so quickly ? How can we prevent this issue going forward, or is this a precursor to "something else" ?? I cloned and installed a new 128GB SSD at the end of November 2017 -- so the hard drive is "good".
  8. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Awesome ! Performed the full system all data restore, 2 daily setups to get it back in balance, print out the 2 test prints and no more yellow bits !! I Thank You very much Dave S ! I just need to perform those backups a bit more frequently. Now to balance all the papers and do another service level all data backup !
  9. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Question on backup data restore - any guidance on WHAT to restore ? Or restore ALL data ? We've been doing service level all data backups whenever there's a "change" to the system - and not nightly / weekly backups - so the last backup I have is from December ! of 2017 :
  10. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Thanks Dave, I spiked the CD yesterday evening - Output check - CD pump for about 90 seconds - no noticeable difference between yesterday's prints and today's prints. I'll do a backup and a restore in a bit and report back.
  11. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    And, No, haven't tried to load backup data.
  12. Big Dave

    2901- Yellow splotches in gray areas

    Hi Dave, yes, this is happening on all paper widths, sizes, and paper types. 5" Luster 6" Gloss, Luster 7" Luster 11" Luster The funny thing is that the daily setup does not have this issue because the gray scale isn't fine enough (or light enough) to have this problem show. Here is our daily setup from this morning : daily setup results: https://imgur.com/N6qMe5i Daily setup : https://imgur.com/XbsIPQe The problem started 2 days ago. I tried to replace the Image Processing Board, but same problem, so it's happening AFTER the Image Processing Board. The MLVA lamp is a month old. - Haven't checked the dichroic filters or MLVA head (don't know how)
  13. Hey all, we're having a problem on our 2901 - with weird yellow patches in gray areas of ALL prints from our machine. see pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/OhBcmZI What are your thoughts on how to fix this ?
  14. Big Dave

    qss 2901 emulsion error

    Post a picture please.
  15. Big Dave

    problemas de banding qss3400

    You should post this question here: http://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/forum/25-noritsu-help-and-support/ It looks like a problem with your (I think it's called) Exposure advance section.