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  1. Hello I'm wondering if you are able to tell me anything about the QSS 34pro. I may have a chance top purchase one and I was wondering if its a good machine. I have never had a digital Noritsu, so before I spend money I would like to pick your brain.


  2. When/where is it asking for a password ? If you are getting this type of message on system boot up: Sounds like it may be a problem with the hard drive and the operating system files. Does windows start up, or do you get an error that says : "Windows failed to load because the kernel is missing or corrupt" ? If so, then a CHKDSK may fix it, Google "windows kernel missing" and look for a link to your version of Windows.

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    Want to sell: Noritsu 2901 Keyboard - clean, working keyboard removed from working machine. I don't know what it's valued at, so will take Best offer Plus freight from California, USA

    20.00 GBP

  4. Probably a clogged ink head. Have the fuji tech check it out.
  5. Don't be so hasty. Not all antivirus will catch everything, and some antivirus programs will give a false "positive" to some software saying it is/has a virus when it is not. drytech, what antivirus software are you using ? What was the name of the file ? If it's not a critical installation related file, maybe pepe can delete it from his Google drive so it doesn't happen to anyone else ? Fine, it detected a problem file and deleted it, that's great. After it was deleted everything else was "clean". Did you try to install ? Maybe pepe's computer IS infected, and that archive file GOT infected with a virus file. Your antivirus caught it and got rid of it, now it's clean. Install it, now that it's clean. If pepe has been using it with no problems, I don't see a problem with it. Then again, it was "free". Pepe, I don't have a Noritsu that can take advantage of EZ Controller, but can you PM me a link to your files ? I'd like to see if my antivirus finds it. I am interested.
  6. Magenta has great suggestions. We had days of very low prints and started getting a similar blue problem. So, we added 2 liters of fresh CD replenisher to the CD working tank. Brought back the blacks very well. Added 0.5L, do daily setup, still blue-ish, add some more, repeat until it looked good (enough). Just to be safe, we added some fresh BF to the BF tanks to even it out. Is it an SM machine or an RA machine ? If it's RA, just use the CD from the replenishment tank. If it's SM, it's tougher, but still do-able. 1) buy some CD replenisher mix or 2) pull the right chems out of the correct SM pack nozzles, do some math, mix it up and pour it in. Good luck !
  7. Ok, thanks, but seems to be more WORK for you than the old system that allowed users to manually delete their own attachments regardless of age.... Just an FYI. Thanks again Neil
  8. Sorry Neil, on the old thread posted April 4, 2013, there is no option to edit the post or to delete the attachment.
  9. How do you delete your file attachments ? I can see the files I have attached to messages (profile->my attachments), but there is no option on that page to delete them. Or has that quota been eliminated ?
  10. Has that "new car smell" ! Looks real nice Neil.
  11. Thanks DaveS, will try to replace Drive Voltage PCB first. Would doing a restore from a previous backup help ?
  12. Hi guys, Our 2901 has been receiving a "Uniformity Correction Error 6088-0006" for a while now, and I can't seem to "fix" it. We've cleaned the MLVA face, MLVA unit tube, connecting section, installed new lamp, clean dichroic filters, reflector, lens, checked the Gain values and Load voltage values and still get the error when doing uniformity calibration -- tried about 4 times today. The uniformity on the daily setup is NOT great, but it does "work" and allows us to pass and print, it just won't perform a "clean" uniformity calibration. Do I replace the Drive Voltage PCB or Data Output PCB, or will trying the uniformity calibration a few more times help to work itself out ? Thanks, Dave
  13. I mostly agree with Yustas. Don't do it. One roll a day is bad for the V30... It wants, at least 12 rolls every time you turn it on -- that's what someone told me with our V50. There will be less oxidation with machine turned OFF, and more with it on and heating/circulating the chemistry. Also, do you have a plan for disposing of the effluent ? It is a "toxic" waste that your local environmental people will really NOT like you pouring down the drain.... Just something else to consider. Cheers and Good luck !
  14. What ICC profile are you using in Photoshop and Lightroom ? You should use sRGB profile for printing on most Noritsu machines. What model Noritsu do you have ? What software version ? What paper profile version ? Once you answer these questions, someone should let you know what else you can do. Ours is "good enough", but nowhere near "color calibrated".
  15. Dave S, Thanks, that was Perfect ! It's going to be a lot easier to remove the table, but I didn't expect to have to remove the PC and the PC tray as well, but excellent to know ! I heard there is a guy wanting to sell his 2901 for $2500 USD. Been on service contract until beginning of 2014, new MLVA head in 2013, 5.4 MM prints, 3 paper mags. Ours has 2.4 MM prints. Don't know if I should buy that one for it's MLVA head or not. Thoughts ?? Thanks again guys, and hope you all have a great new year.