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  1. What are correct replenishment rates for Fuji FP150 SC? CN-16s process
  2. All ok now. There was a problem with NC2 cartridge sensor. Thanks anyway.
  3. Ok thanks. Level was too low. But now I have problem with mixing new cartridge. When I press yes to start mixing, nothing happens.
  4. Hi, I'm getting error on film processor. < 268-02> NC2 REPL SYSTEM IS ABNORMAL FIND AND SOLVE TROUBLE Any one know how to solve this problem? Thanks, Liza
  5. Hi, What is correct processing time of CA DP II paper on F (CP49 e), machines? I remember that it was 240 sec., but now our machine is processing it for 182 sec. on 305 paper.
  6. Kodak Premier On Cp-49S Process

    Does anyone tried kodak premier paper on fuji cp49 system? Temp is much bigger than standard RA4.
  7. Hi, Is there an option that you can register more magazines on one paper size. I want to register 305 - Dp II silk, matt, gloss, pearl, supreme gloss and kodak.
  8. Any one tried ez controller on windows 10?
  9. Newest Ez Controller

    6.30 is newest, I've checked in distributor. It has some new functions like: full screen, reading of PNG and LZW compression TIFF.
  10. What is the newest version of ez controller, that is now shipping?
  11. Our 37 is 3 years after installation and we have never changed chemistry. Prints are very good, but when is the perfect time for new starter and cleaning? We have "F" version with FUJI CP49E. What is your opinion?
  12. Hi, Does anyone have compared epson v850 scans vs Sp 3000 on medium format?
  13. Noritsu With Fuji Ms01

    Any one have success with running ms01 on noritsu 37?
  14. Thanks for explanation. How can I turn this option (positive scan) in windows registry?
  15. My sp3000 is running as standalone. There is no Positive scanning option, and no dust removal on BW negative. What is wrong? Do I need any option software?