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  1. adamwooo

    3702 poor output on red object

    Here is the comparission of minilab and the new Epson Sure Color P10000 gammut. New inkjet printers has much better gammut. Not only 10 colour wide format printer. Ordinary 4 colour printer has too.
  2. adamwooo

    3702 poor output on red object

    I can't agree with You, the gammut is much smaller than srgb gammut
  3. adamwooo

    3702 poor output on red object

    Have the same problem, with noritsu 3300. My profile version is 7.19. I've made the new paper specification setup, and nothing changed. I think, maybe the range of colours is limited in this technology. I've made profile using xrite i1 calibrator, and the graphs show me what i thought. I found in internet some colour profiles from noritsu labs, and the old models , has not big gammut of colours. .
  4. adamwooo

    im 1500 scanner

    Hallo, has anybody estation software version 4.x ? I have the 2.0 version, and i had big problem to read some big pendrives. Windows see them , but estation not.
  5. adamwooo

    eStation can't read 16GB pendrives

    Did it help ? Is pendrive more than 8 GB working on external card reader ?
  6. adamwooo

    KIS Photo Kiosk

    I' m using KIS Photokiosk Estation v2.0 program and hardware for print pictures by thermal printer in 5 minutes. Have a problem with pendrive above 4 gb, windows see them but estation program not. Is it possible to fix it ?
  7. adamwooo

    Problem with black

    I've written Noritsu, they sent me plate.dat file exactly for my plate number.
  8. adamwooo

    Problem with black

    I think that is wrong calibration plate.dat. Can anybody send me noritsu 3300 plate.dat whih is on service disk ? My email : adamgsx@gmail.com
  9. adamwooo

    Problem with black

    is it possible that the reason is different calibration.ini file ? I had a problem with densitometer, technican send me the file for calibration plate form different machine to resolve this problem. So i changed it. After cheanging developer the problem with densitometer has gone. But is with black. Tommorow i will try to load the original file and clean calibration plate.
  10. adamwooo

    Problem with black

    Here is my daily setup table.
  11. adamwooo

    Problem with black

    I've changed the developer, overexposed paper on sun has goog black, on daily setup is good black, on picture not. Yes light-fogged has good black, so temperature CD tank is good.
  12. adamwooo

    Problem with black

    I would like to add that the black colour of daily setup , the blackest patch is ok, but on the foto is lighter , is dark gray.
  13. adamwooo

    Problem with black

    I have the problem with black. The black colour is not black like iluminated (exposed from bulb) paper. I've tried to change modulators positions, but effect is the same. Have You got any idea what is wrong ? Machine is noritsu 3300
  14. adamwooo

    Cutting Canvas

    I had Epson Pro 9900 , i used printers cut for 7 years, i have printed about 20000 sheets and the cutter blade was ok. I had to change printer to another during my printhead was dead.