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  1. Hello, Ignatius, thanks for quick response. The licenses of our currently used kiosk software will expire in a few weeks and I'm not really satisfied, so I'm not willing to extend the contract. Unfortunately, it seems, that Photo Teller don't meet my requirements also. I will shop around Photokina fair next week for an affordable easy to use kiosk software. By the way, we sold our wet lab in 2009, now using Copal/Fuji dye sub printers and an Epson large size inkjet printer. I wonder, if I should buy new DNP RX1 printers because the media price is much lower than Fuji's. May be, that DNP will offer a Photokina special price bundle for printers and kiosk software. Any recommendations? Fred
  2. I just got Whitech Photo.Teller creative V7 kiosk software including license dongles from an australian shop, that went out of business. Unfortunately I have problems to customize the software, hope anyone can help. 1.) I`m located in Germany, but the "german" language you can choose by the software is simply weird. I'd like to edit the language files (seems to be "photoTeller.DE" and "photoTeller.DE.lng" but can't find a software to open/edit these files. 2.) I would like to add some gift products and also change photo ratio of some existing gift templates. Existing templates seems to be ".abm" files in the templates directory, but I can't open them. Any help would be appreciated very much. Fred