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  1. dlab1 problem

    seems that the step of the motor is not correct.
  2. dlab1 problem

    Good morning. i am having this problem, first cannot test paper and cannot print longer sizes bigger than 13x18. Strange is that the paper stops about 1cm before the first rollers of developer rack. Then i get a message that the paper is jammed. Then i press the ok button and the paper advances normally. The Lane distributtor is very clean and i have changed some rollers. So the problem is that the paper stops just before getting into developer rack. If anybody had a similar case please tell me.
  3. Dlab Licence Key Error

    the discs you have are the originals? here in my oroginal discs i have 1 of them with name Licence Key. look for this.
  4. Failure Highlights

    give me your email to send you a pdf file. if helps....
  5. Dlab1 Mpu And Ipu Problem

    good morning. i had the same problem 1 month ago. first i checked the power supply of mpu. after i noticed that the cooler fan was fallen off its place. the result was a burned proccessor. i put a new proccesor 775 and all was ok. check also if memery is ok or must put a new one. i had to reinstall the software and i put an extra monitor on the mpu so i can see all the istallation.
  6. Cd Temperature Out Of Tolerance

    good evening. i had this problem and i found that circulation pump was not working. i changed it and all was ok. i am not using the film part of machine. so i got a pump from that place to replace the other.
  7. Mount Paper Box Correctly

    During docking today i have this message. i put a new box and not any change. any solutions anybody????? agfa d-lab1
  8. D-Lab1 Motherboard.....

    Good evening, One of the motherboard in my D-lab1 is out of order. its the Fujitsu D2156-S11 GS 3 Intel 945GDoes somebody has changed motherboard too? Where i can get this from and what is the cost? thank you, Spiros
  9. D-Lab1 "Remove Stop Flap Failure In The Shorter"

    yes. this is in starting of the machine when does all checks in start up.
  10. error in sorter

    good morning. i have the same problem as you had. i know this is very old post. did you find solution to this? please answer here or in email. fotospiros@gmail.com. thank you
  11. good morning. i got this error message this morning. "Remove stop flap failure in the shorter". it has to do with shorting the orders in the end. Anybody have any solution to this???????????? please answer here or in email fotospiros@gmail.com thank you
  12. Agfa D-Lab-1

    Good morning!!i read that you had problems with those rollers, f3009.f3010 and f3003. i have the same problem here and cannot do mbl test. the paper stucks. did you changed those rollers? all working ok now? please tell me were did you find them. thank you, Spiros Ampatielos, fotospiros@gmail.com
  13. I have the d-lab1 and i am having this problem. When i do MBL i keep getting this error message: PA:REMOVE PAPER JAM IN PAPER PROCESSOR FEED. and the paper stucks. When i press the OK button then the paper advances but the MBL stops. This error not happening in normal printing of 10x15 or 13x18 sizes, But this is also happening in 20x30 prints. So as i see in long size prints only. Please advice if you can about this problem because i have problems in work now. Thank you. Spiros Ampatielos-Foto Center-Greece,
  14. D-Lab 1 Mbl Failed

    Good morning. Have here the agfa d-lab 1. last month not possible to complete the mbl test. Always finish the test with mbl failed. I am using fuji paper. i have done all pico tests. Looking in web but nothing about. If anybody can help please send pm in fotospiros@gmail.com. thank you all.