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  1. unpredictable nois on QSS 3111 prints

    Now, still on the QSS 3111, my request goes on printer control PCB. When I swictc on the machine, I can listen the printer initializing well. It seems there as if evrything is normal. But after the QSS sofwaeq has started, it could not reinitialize the printer. The machinr will just atay quite and the attention mesage "The system is being initialized" remain on the screen. So, is there any I can reset that PCB (J390699-02) ? Thank You.
  2. unpredictable nois on QSS 3111 prints

    Thank so much for the idea. I am very greatful. The test help me to discover that the memory uni on the image processing PCB was bad. Thank you for the collaboration.
  3. Good day Sirs. we are running another QSS 3111. It happens that , in the same order, on print amoumt two is having a kind of diffraction (if I can call like that). Swapping AOM driver could not resolve this trouble. The attached prints were made on the same order. Please we need your help and we will be very greatful for your assistance. Thank you so much.
  4. Color trouble on QSS 3111

    Now everything is OK. Was wrong BNC connection on green AOM driver. Could notice it at the fourth check after you suggest. Once more thank you for sympathising.
  5. Color trouble on QSS 3111

    I was disconnecting, cleaning and connecting the AOM drivers one after another. I just check as you suggest and no mistake was done. But before my collaborator disconnected the laser driver pcb, the first one at the right side of the box (J390796-02). I thought of the jumper setting on the connector P1533 but no change. In output check, only red laser is synchronising. The machine is making no alarm.
  6. Good day Sirs. Our 3111 suddenly devellop a color problem on prints ater we blowed dust from AOM drivers section. on doimg so, we removed the AOM drivers and connect hem back properly. Now the prints are only green. We intended to perform an initial set up but we noticed our way is wrong. Please we need help. See attached printed photos. Thank you.
  7. Noritsu 3502 inquiry

    You are a wonderful person. I have to exercise myself. I never be aware of installing win2k on advanced motherboard. once thank you so much.
  8. Noritsu 3502 inquiry

    But it isn't easy to make the computer so it can start automatically once you replace the original board ! Can you help please ?
  9. Noritsu 3502 inquiry

    This us very explicite. I greatfully appreciate. Let to me to xhiose my own option. Thank you so much.
  10. Noritsu 3502 inquiry

    Very nice informations. I am very greatful and Thank you so much. The fact is this. We have in our stock one HhB laser (B410...) and I did not know how to connected it. I intend to transform my 3501 into 3501 Plus or 3502 Plus. 3501 is too slow. Then do I need to change any other control PCB in the machine ?
  11. Noritsu 3502 inquiry

    Thanks for your reply Sir Yustas. But the fact is that The laser unit B410XXXX can not be connected on laser control PCB J391318-02. So is there any other type of laser control PCB for this laser unit? I will check the non available connection and get back to you. thank you.
  12. QSS 35 Plus

    Hello ! Good day and happy to see back. Is it possible to tranform QSS3501 into QSS 3501 Plus? Thank you.
  13. Hello everyone. I like to know which laser pcb is connected into QSS 3502, as it uses B410)XXXX laser type. Thanks for your help.
  14. Sorry to say what follows. A bit of respect on this forum, mostly at this the website has just been updated and need our help. Yustas and Romans, you are the ones I personally respect a lot on this forum, due to the high expérience you people have. It hurts me a lot to see people like you, people I want to resemble, behaving this way. If you people could know how I admire you, what I expect from you ... Live quarels at side please. If you don't appreciate my words above, please I be very sorry. Thanks for both of you.
  15. Service Manual Qss 35 For Share

    Thank so much. Please can you share programs? I also have QSS 3501F.