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  1. Sorry to say what follows. A bit of respect on this forum, mostly at this the website has just been updated and need our help. Yustas and Romans, you are the ones I personally respect a lot on this forum, due to the high expérience you people have. It hurts me a lot to see people like you, people I want to resemble, behaving this way. If you people could know how I admire you, what I expect from you ... Live quarels at side please. If you don't appreciate my words above, please I be very sorry. Thanks for both of you.
  2. Thank so much. Please can you share programs? I also have QSS 3501F.
  3. I get the manual but it not mentionned somewhere if the would check any eeprom or something else before.
  4. Good day to all the community> I humbly inquire if there is any hardware preconfiguration before installing MS01 V 3 on Fuji F330. Thanks so much.
  5. Hi, What can you share these softwares with me? My email is ksdls20002@yahoo.fr
  6. Thank you so much Dave S.
  7. Service manual, toward the end of the table. The page is numbered 35210, 2/3 I got this trouble after a brutal power supply interruption. Before then everything was working properly. Please help me, please.
  8. This is really funny. I am tired of laughin.
  9. Good day everybody. Anyone help me on my QSS 3501F please. I got the error message 6101-0001 (Green laser light status error). I changed green, laser power supply and also laser control pcb laser driver but no change. Aom drivers work properly (tested on another minilab). I then change the green laser module. Error 6101 seems to dissapear. But the printed pictures are only green. I notice in input check that the laser synchronous sensor is showin "Asynchronous". So please I am asking for help. How to synchronise the laser modules? Also in the manual it is written that the should add current on laser module in case it is deteriorated. Please can someone explain to me how to change the current value that supplies the laser module? Thank you.
  10. Co,puter brqnd is Ricoh:
  11. Hello friends On my qss 3501f the computer is instead beeping when it starts and the bios will not star. The beep sounds continuously like the fire fighters signal: pii mpom, pii mpom pii mpom ... I think of executing acomputer cllear cmos but I don't know how. please I need hhelp
  12. Minilab Service, you can not receive a private message from me? What should I do?
  13. Thank you for this information. How to get it?
  14. I am really confusing myself for nothing; I am so sorry to embarass you people. My last post is full of mistakes; sometime it is very difficult for me to translate what I want to say since I am not English speaking. I just check my CDs and I have "QSS-3501, 3502 SYSTEM PROGRAM KIT Ver. 4.01.006". It is from this CD I think of Windows XP. I thank all your concern on this topic even it is so stupid from me. I really consider your regards.