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  1. I did get my 430 converted to a D703. I also bought a new Green R. I’m trying to find out about QSS Printer driver software. Availability cost windows operating system thanks Wes
  2. Foto Weiser did you get your Fuji converted? I want to convert a 430
  3. WesCB

    Fuji Dl430 - New User

    I recently purchased a Fuji DL430 printer. It came with nothing..... No computers, no software, no manuals, etc. I was hoping to be able to run in on EZcontroller software like my Noritsu D701 and still be able to use the cheaper Fuji ink. I have been told that isn't possible. I have located 3 disks. MS1 version 3, dl430 system disk, and a Image Processing Disk. Another person posting here referred to a MSP43 DL430 Printer Software disk and an initial data disk. Are these necessary disks that I don't have ? I have been able to connect to the printer with the maintenance program and printed out head cleaning prints and other prints out of maintenance. They look great. The print cound says it only had less than 7000 prints. (I don't know if this number could have been reset.) What else do I need? Please help.... Thanks Wes Siebe wescb@siebestudio.com