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  1. Hello: I have this misaligment print in my setup. (photo added). I recently bought a Frontier LP2000SC printer. The lab was out of service for a while. I cleaned it, and changed some gears and parts to it. Today I print my first setup with the printer and came misaligned. Any ideas to solve it? Thanks a lot,
  2. kaitedo

    Laser Out Of Focus Frontier 370

    Hello Members: The Laser of my Frontier 370 is out of focus. I have tried the rough and the fine adjusment, but, the yellow laser is way out from the magenta and from the cyan. Please help me with this matter. Thanks in advance. PD: Please see the picture of the condition setup:
  3. Thanks a lot AaronS: Can you show me the way to bend the plate with a photo? This will help me a lot to do that! The problem have become more serious...and still wasting a lot paper at the end of the roll. I´m afraid to bend the plate the wrong way! Thanks in advance for your answers!
  4. Thanks to everyone who helped me in this issue. Finally I did the update to the LP2000 printer to version 7.7 Now I have the SP1500 and the LP2000 both at the same version. Now, my next step is to install fmpc. Again,...thanks a lot.
  5. Is a tethered system. A Scanner SP1500 and Printer 370 LP2000. The scanner SP1500 has already the version 7.7, but the software in the LP2000 has the version 6.0 I need to update the printer LP2000 to the version 7.7 that is in the scanner. I have already all backups of the printer and the scanner, and also the version 7.7. What Im needding is some guidance to update the printer LP2000 to the same version of the scanner SP1500. I´m not using fmpc, yet. Thanks a lot for your interesting comments.
  6. Hello members: Need to update the LP2000 printer with 6.0 software from SP1500 scanner that already has the 7.7 version. Can someone tell me how to do it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello: In my frontier 350 paper jam in (6 and 1) section only when the paper roll is ending. Can not complete printing the paper roll. A lot of paper is waste when the machine is ending the roll. Any ideas to solve it?
  8. kaitedo

    Lp2000 Screen Just Displays "Frontier Starting"

    Thank you so much for your comment!!! I will connect the scanner. Regards, Francisco Nuñez.
  9. I recently bought a LP2000 printer that was out of service for a while. After clean all the gears I turned it on (just the LP2000) and the screens on it just displays "Frontier starting" and can not go any further. Do I have to connect the scanner SP1500 to get the printer LP2000 in "stand by" mode? Any ideas what to do next? CTL20 lost data? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. You cannot replace the original fuji cable with any 1394 firewire cable. It will not work. Please, use the new cable you bought but use the ends of the originals. The fuji cables have a different ends connections than normal 1394 firewire cables. USE JUST THE ENDS OF THE ORIGINALS!!!...be carefully with the pins. An electronic man can help you soldering it.
  11. kaitedo

    What For Are The Auto-Washing Nozzles?

    Thanks a lot for this information. Really appreciate this.