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  1. Neil I think that as long as we in the labs can keep the equipment under us and can continue to obtain good quality chemicals we can continue to offer this service for c-41 and e-6 as long as the manufactures continue to provide the film. Taking into mind that volume and utilization is a key.
  2. This attachment will help you with proper rep rates for your processor and paper type. I am not familiar with the 550. On the 370 it is in maintenance mode under processor adjustment. 600004889.pdf
  3. Hey guys I'm just curious here as to how many of you guys run control strips? I don't post much at all but I do occasionally scan the forums to see what's going on and it seems like there are often times when working tanks are being dumped as a (TEST) to see if it solves a particular problem, when in all actuality a simple control strip could rule out chemistry. I do understand that chemistry is far superior than it was back in the day and that equipment is tighter than ever before with regards to replenishment, circulation, ect. and that there is probably no need for a daily strip run but I always keep strips in the fridge of some unforeseen issue. How about you guys?
  4. Sounds like Sulfa from the bleach (P2). If it is clogging the filter every day then most likely the bottom of your working tank is full of it and will need to be drained and flushed. Could be several causes but most likely from low utilization or under replenishment.
  5. Hi Guys I have a 370 that goes al the way thru shutdown process and then starts back up. It goes to the point that it should click off then restarts and never shuts down. It's like it it's in a loop. Also errors 1424 Download carrier failed and 1143 scanner not up. Have cut all power to both units many times to hope and reset but no luck. Would it have anything to do with floppy disk? If it needs to be replaced what is the process machine on of off? Many thanks. Sabrina
  6. Sherwood there is a Hot Folder option in a list under setup.exe but it is not bold in the list and I can NOT click on it. Any ideas as to how to access it.
  7. Hey Guys I am running a 370 with PIC 2.6. I am trying to find a way to send quick proof 4x6 or 5x3.5 to the printer from an upstairs PC rather than having to run down stairs and waiting on the PIC to load 125 ect images each and every time I finish an edit job in Lightroom. Is there a way to send these images from my network location to the PIC or frontier directly? I edit approxamitaly 10 shoots a day that need quick proofs and I would be easier to send print request from my desk rather than running up and down stairs all day. Frontier and PIC ARE viewable on my network. Any Thoughts?
  8. The typo that I was speaking of is in the subject line.
  9. hi I'm running a 370 and was wondering how often the floppy should be changed and is it as simple as just ejecting the old one and installing the new one or are there other steps involved?
  10. PIC 2.6 Just crashed with following error: Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM I fear that I may have to reinstall windows and PIC I have the following cd's can you tell me if I have everything that I need to reinstall and in what order to install. PIC Vr 2.6.1 Installation CD Fuji Personality PIC 2.6 CD PIC 2.6.1 service pk 3 cd PIC Lite 2.0
  11. Hello I have a PIC 2.6 running on Windows XP connected to a 370. My PIC keeps restarting durring production. Nothing has changed. No software or hardware changes. Any ideas if this is software or windows issue and how to fix. Could I do a disk ck and repair or should I not take a chance in the machine restarting in the middle of the scan? Thank you in advance for any help that you may have.
  12. Hi Guys, I will be moving a 370 and need to know if the SP2000 print engine needs to be disconnected from the processor or if it can be moved as one piece? Also any tips tricks ect. to help in the move is appreciated. Many Thanks, Sabrina