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  1. Hi To all I need qss3300 I-beam system software any version or even the pro version will sweet. thank
  2. blue spot

    Hi Please check your colorimeter and adjust it feeding position then check and make sure that the calibration plate is clean Then do initial setup and everything must come back normal. but before check your lamp and clean the filters. Good luck
  3. scratches on FR 570

    Hi Good day my brother. this problem is not from any mechanical part. if you look closely at the dots you can notice they are made of pixel dots this mean It is a digital decoding failure do to bad memory. then from the image transfer route the only digital part is the gep23 inside the image controller. this board is the video board for 550 series Used for converting digital image into analogue ready to be amplified by the aom driver. From this you have two thing to do. 1. remove it and clean it up using any electronic board cleaner spray, like jersy50 then try 2. simply exchange with a good working one and enjoy. Be sure I have solve this problem like that several times.
  4. Ms01 Ms16 Ms18

    Helo i have version 3.1 but Why not try the fe software it is better
  5. Frontier 340 Error Msg E-2529

    Sorry it is not AOM since the red Chanel is not consern here this message is just for the red Chanel pixel. Open the laser if you can and blow from dust then wipe the synchronous miroir glass.
  6. F340 Can'T Print When Srgb Color Conversion Selected

    Please pay attention to s2 options 3 screen to see from there you can change from srgb to no convert. So since this option is set as default to srgb no further conversion needed in scanner.
  7. Fuji

    Yes but the solution is to restore the backup data Then no need to do the ajust. Thank
  8. Fuji

    Hi It is not that bad. First for the gpa23 change the ram memory inside the image controller box. There are two if you can not test change them all. Secondly for the carrier you have lost backup data Do system program reinstallation using the scanner backup diskette. Thank
  9. Frontier 550 (Lp5500) + Fdi

    Hi Dont mess with your printer. If you have changed the router make it works by connecting your fmpc with another computer or try to ping your computer by opening cmd and typing like This (ping press enter The ip must be yours thank
  10. Where Can We Get The Ez Controller Software

    Hi What do you actualy need? The ezcontroller cd or the whole kit ezcontroller plus Dongel key.
  11. MLVA Temperature

    Hi about the qss2701, you need to distant the printer for about 1 meter from the wall and If not Still ok use a fan to blow air out from behind. And If you can afford the budged insttall an air conditionner to blow behind. This problem is do to a poor A/D conversion logic on the drive voltage pcb. The qss2901 have an improuved version With good script.
  12. Ms21 Frame

    Hi Who knwos about ms21 (express variety print service). and where can i get the frame for this? Thank
  13. Please Help Fuji 390

    Hi mr romas It is someone else Digitec contact me if you have problem Thank
  14. Change Laser Unit Frontier 350 On Lp1500

    Hi in that case before you change the laser you have to backup all parameter in printer adjustment and maintenance then you can restore it later thank