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  1. dlab1 problem

    Shutter PASLMG01 Actuator Shutter disconnect and use rubber band to hold open all the time. d-lab.1 family: Repair page 9-7
  2. Imagebox Kiosk error

    Kiosk softwer satartup error. Worckstation is fine.
  3. I changed IPU motherboard and put radeon x300 grafic card. Geting error "Starting the print threads failed" Image data synchronization between IP and EC in folder L080-XF86Config in file XF86Config_1002_5b60 # # Overwrite the ChipId of the Radeon X300SE and use instead the # Radeon 9600SE driver (ChipId 0x4150). # ChipId 0x4150============i think i need to change=====================> 0x5b60 Driver "radeon" Identifier "Device[0]" Screen 0 VendorName "ATI" Option "CloneMode" "1600x1200" Option "CloneHSync" "30-75" Option "CloneVRefresh" "40-60" Option "DDCMode" "on" #Option "NoDDC" "on" Option "IgnoreEDID" "on" #Option "OveralyOnCRTC2" "on" #Option "MonitorLayout" "TMDS,CRT" #Option "PanelSize" "1600x1200" EndSection
  4. New Motherboard (Timecard ) Problem

    I figured it out
  5. New Motherboard (Timecard ) Problem

    I put a new motherboard in MPU and on HDD image backup. 1.IPU power supply dont get power. 2.Timer card failure Do i need to reinstall MPU when changing motherboard. How to check moxa ports and how they must be set
  6. Sata Hdd On Ipu ???

    can i putt 2 sata HDD on IPU.
  7. Where to buy and can i replace it with something different??????
  8. Agfa Dlab 1 Ipu >>Pxe-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable

    on mpu is thath screen
  9. IPU Strarts buth <PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable. PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.> mpu rstart iPU after some time. looping
  10. Fuji Frontier 350 Buying Gide

  11. Dlab 1 Pictures Cutt Problem

    No i haw not fix it
  12. Dlab 1 Pictures Cutt Problem

    The first image is the longest others are of different length but shorter than the first on both input. Help! Suggestions