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  1. Blue Rubber

  2. problem with lenses DKS1710

    Thanks Pskaro, i solved with SU\centering\Lens. I'm afraid to do "Zero Adjustment"
  3. I changed the belt from lens turet and there are problems with exposure. It is to much difference betweeen picture exposed with LCD on 90 degrees and LCD on normal. With LCD normal, the image has 1.5 cm white border on top and i dont know how to modify parametres to have equal WB at both LCD position.
  4. Dks 1710 Dryer

    I solved my problem. On the dryer motor fan there is one capacitor with 1,5 Mf value. I mesured this capacitor and the reading was to smal, changed with another (2 Mf value)and the problem solved. Even when i set 55 degreees on dryer, the paper come out dry
  5. Dks 1710 Dryer

    Yes Sibi, you modify temperature from SU dryer/modify reference and restart aplication.
  6. Paper Setup Dks1710

    I use 152 Fuji paper and 305 Kodak paper. Paper setup is different for each paper, on 305 have blue and magenta on it and 152 It is slightly green. How to make same gray color on paper setup with 2 different papers ?
  7. Problem With Racks Dks1710

    I connected separate power source with reglabile voltage to racks motor. The problem i think is "L4970A 10A SWITCHING REGULATOR" on PCB.
  8. Problem With Racks Dks1710

    Hi! The racks not start, receive no error about transport board, only to calibrate chemicals. When i put the magnet, the racks start at a speed of 70-80 hertz for a few seconds, then stop.The chemicals is set to 20 sec developer, so the speed of the racks it should be 180 hertz. I started dksdiag, all is ok, changed the racks motor, same problem. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. problem with paper setup test in DKS 1710

    Check the tension on the racks motor belt.
  10. Wet Prints In Dks 1750 Double Track

    Hi! For WB, go to constantes/margesblanches.cst, open with notepad and you modify min or max values
  11. Short First Print In Dks 1710

    My first picture is longer, on any paper . I cleaned the counter rollers, the cutter, and the problem remain.
  12. 1710

    Thanks, the PRNU is the problem.
  13. 24 Pixel Line

    Hi! Anyone tried upgrading lamp with LED on DKS 2 ?(the russian solution) It's working ? The LCD must be new or regenerated ?
  14. Wet Prints In Dks 1750 Double Track

    I have the same problem, but only with large photos, 20x30 and 30x45 cm, when i print more than 10-15 pictures. The paper is wet in the back track.
  15. 1710

    The size of the pictures is 10x15 and the lens expoze both in the same time.