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  1. baya933

    Newest Ez Controller

    i think 6.02..
  2. baya933

    How To Deal With Kis Spare Parts ??

    well if you kis is DKS1670/1770 i have alot of parts to this model if you needit (gears, rollers, boards etc.) and when i say alot, this means to much
  3. baya933

    Champion Ink With Noritsu D703

    hi i use champion ink in my dl-410 (noritsu d701/703) using ez-controller and no problem at this time, and generic ink to refill cartridges its ok too at this time, i don't know in long terms, but to save some money with refill and reseting chip i don't have any problem now. if you refill cartridge from fuji to use in d701 you must be clone and reset info in chip
  4. baya933

    Please Help Fuji 390

    hi, check your email, i send you the link to download A1 system ver. 7.7 to frontier 390, no need upgrade eprom to 2.0, and you can use FEII (DICII) in your 390, but must be use sp-2500 scanner, S9 don't have support to lp-2500 printer (frontier 390) so you can't use like stand alone with out sp-2500 scanner. romas, i still work in dongle emu to ez ver 6.0, I'm to close
  5. baya933

    Software For Ct-Eu

    ct-sl software, i have ver 6 but is to use an any terminal, no need card reader from noritsu
  6. baya933

    What Is It For Capacity Booster

    if you don't have the dongle i can send you software to emulate the dongle, i made emulator to dongle A,C,B,C,D,E just to use in my labs but i can share
  7. baya933

    Fuji Dl410/430 Initial Data And Printhead Data

    hi pepe21, if you can't do it, send me the file and your serial number and i change for you, is easy for me, i do the crack to use ez-controller with out dongle, ctsl software to use in any terminal, capacity booster A, B and C, so this change is easy, o do maybe 4 time to some friends so if i can help you is your call