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  1. DKS3 sharpness problem?

    Print one picture, turn lens ring little right or left and print again... that can help, but in bigger photos you have to adjust those little screwes near that ring to get sharpnes wright in corners, make notes what you are doing that you can go back, you need manual to do that.. Also if you adjust lens that will make white borders wrong, then SU lens adjustment has to be done or manually play with "ini/cst" files, pain in ass.. I have done it hunders of time, but you cant get same result that thermal printer does, print head is close to paper vs 60cm of explosure plain.. After KIS Imager, AKS 1000, DKS 750, DKS 1510, DKS 1710 and now Epson D3000 very happy..=)
  2. Cant find any cheap sticker printer or cutter anywhere, Hiti dont make any more material for stickers, big labs still do stickers with half cut "stencils" or what they name is..? http://www.sticker-boy.com/default_english.htm That cost so much money, i only need blades that punch half cut, i can do rest manually.. Dont anyone do stickers any more, i mean this school or kinder garden stickers where is 10/16 or sometihing little photos..!
  3. Sequencer Error

    Simple way is to adjust paper & cartridge lateral offset at super user...or do the lens centering..
  4. Half Print Blank On Dks3

    Had someting like this in 1710, it was stepper motor on lens turret, axel was broken and it couldn´t find right place, white borders come to pictures sometimes..!! Try is lens/lcd turret moving freely or like it should go steps and have friction...!!
  5. Has anyone made backrounds for studio photos with those large format printers that do over 2,5 meters wide prints in Decotex or some other matte fabric..? Is this material 190g/m2 too light to roll on tube..?
  6. Yes they are new ones, i think KIS modified them. Used machine and they newer printed 30x40 pictures..
  7. [OBJECTIF_0] POS_BARILLET=2 PRESENT=1 POS_THEORIQUE=959 RAPPORT_AGRANDISSEMENT=19.600000 CENTRAGE_X=1.000000 CENTRAGE_Y=-4.200000 OFFSET_SENSIBILITY_R=1 ------------(0) OFFSET_SENSIBILITY_G=4 ------------(-3) OFFSET_SENSIBILITY_B=3 ------------(0) Thats for lens 2 (30x40), now it´s only that G -3 Restart aplication after adjustment
  8. No more magenta color in 30x40, i changed wrong parameters... POS_BARILLET=2 was right for lens 2 Sharpness also do little color change, but that adjustment has done many times, sharpness is good..=) If you use douple track, make sure you are using same paper emulsion number both track, big change in that, douple densitometer would be nice..=)
  9. No luck, cant see any differense when changed those _90 or R, G & B..? Custom paper response would be nice, but dont have densitometer..
  10. I would like to know also what to change in optique.ini, my lens 2 (30x40) makes little magenta color too.. I have made PRNU many times, all lenses and there is still that little change in colors.. And what does sources.cst file smooth and treshold do in dks3, dks1-2 i can see difference, but not in 1710..?
  11. Optical Init Failed

    It was stepper motor, shaft broken..!!
  12. Optical Init Failed

    HDMI, Sequenser board and paper board changed, no luck.. Just noticed that lens stepper motor turns without friction, only whats coming from belt, motor shaft dont move upperside looking, when looking from champer it moves with cogwheel..? Lcd motor shaft turn both sides..!!
  13. Optical Init Failed

    Sometimes restart has worked but not now, error tells zero point wrong or last init .. fails or something.. Is it paper transport board, power or zero point sensor..? Diagdks shows green after init..!
  14. Lcd Block & Bad Centering

    This happens when 1710 prints split and normal mode, some prints are fine but some has this 8mm white stripe. Kis says lcd block cable is too tight or change it, it was changed last year, lens and paper centering done, broplem is not there, it is that zero point and way dont machine find that always..! Mayby new cable again..?
  15. Lcd Block & Bad Centering

    Zero sensors in barrel lens and lcd block shows green but often prints come with white stripe and image is bad centered. Cable has been changed to new. Lens and paper centering is done many times, what else can i try..?